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Feb 11, 2016

Let’s Celebrate the Retirement of Mandatory Vehicle Retirement!

January 12, 2016

NYC Police Boss Urges ‘Buddy System’ for Women in Cabs
ABC News
Bhairavi Desai, president of the National Taxi Workers Alliance, a driver advocacy group, said a few attacks should not poison the profession. But she …

City Councilwoman Calls For Panic Buttons In All Cabs To Improve Safety
CBS Local
Bratton made the remarks during an interview on public radio last week after it was revealed that women in New York were 14 times more likely to be …

The Verge
The number is also nearly twice the total number of taxi rides in the US in … between taxi industries in China and the US (especially New York City).
The battle for India’s taxi-riding business travelers is heating up. Uber rival Ola, the dominant taxi-hailing app in India, launched a service aimed at …
New York Daily News
“We want to make sure that taxi cab drivers are put on notice that this type of … 14 OF 166 RAPES IN NYC IN 2015 HAPPENED IN CABS … The Council is also considering a bill to require the 911 system to accept reports by text …
New York Post
He said the city’s own “Vision Zero” data shows that pedestrians are at fault in 47 percent of the cases where they die. “It’s a fact that people
The poster child for this hopeful thesis is Lyft, the mite of a competitor to 600-pound-gorilla Uber in what is awkwardly called the ride-hailing industry.

December 17, 2015


London’s black cab drivers have been handing out Christmas presents to the homeless
The Independent
London’s black taxi drivers gave up their evenings of fares to deliver donations of Christmas presents to help the homeless through winter. Volunteers …

You Can Now Call an Uber in Messenger, Facebook’s Window to the World
Need an Uber? Just send a message. Uber and Facebook said today that US users of Facebook Messenger is launching on Facebook Messenger …

Google vs. Uber and the race to self-driving taxis
The Verge
Can Google successfully challenge Uber, or is Travis Kalanick’s company simply too large and too entrenched to unseat? Does Google even want to …
Uber’s Expansion in China Reportedly Fueled by Interns
In recent weeks, former Uber interns and employees have posted open letters and court documents on social media accusing the ride-hailing …
An Uber and Lyft driver explains how to avoid getting gouged on New Year’s Eve (blog)
We asked him how riders can avoid getting gouged by surge pricing on New Year’s Eve without getting gouged, assuming public transportation is not …

Taxi & Limo Drivers Block Center City Streets to Protest UberX, Lyft
NBC 10 Philadelphia
Philadelphia taxi and limo drivers angry with ride-sharing services UberX and Lyft cutting into their business took to Center City streets Wednesday.

Google to create self driving taxi firm to take on Uber
Daily Mail
‘We are excited to join the community of Pittsburgh and partner with the experts at CMU, whose breadth and depth of technical expertise, particularly in …

November 25,2015

Uber Exec Shares How They’ve Built A Global Business
Uber stayed in San Francisco exclusively for a year until it launched in its second market, New York, and was there for nine months before launching …

Start-Up Leaders Embrace Lobbying as Part of the Job
New York Times
“For these new companies, the scale of innovation is so big and impactful … The companies’ reach extends beyond Washington, too, with Uber and …

Creep cab driver to pay fine, lose license for trying to get woman to flash him in exchange for fare
New York Daily News
Uddin’s “conduct was unprofessional, crude and offensive and deserves the most severe punishment,” she wrote. The Taxi & Limousine Commission, …

Gett – new name, new direction for taxi app
Financial Times
He founded Gett in 2011, but changed its name from GetTaxi last year, to signal the expansion into deliveries. “We connect millions of people in taxis …

Price surge for Uber during two-hour train disruption on Wednesday morning
The Straits Times
SINGAPORE – There was a price surge for ride-booking service Uber duringWednesday (Nov 25) morning’s two-hour train disruption on the …

Uber is poaching Goldman Sachs’ staff
Business Insider
Spokespeople for Goldman and Uber both declined to comment.The increasing attraction of other fields for Wall Street bankers underscores how …

Former Boston police chief named to Uber safety board, blasts taxi industry
Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis was named to Uber’s new safety advisory board Tuesday after working as a consultant for the …

November 17, 2015

How the tech world responded to the Paris attacks
In a statement by the Uber spokesperson to BuzzFeed, surge pricing has been done away with. In the past, during the Sydney hostage crisis, Uber …

With #UberBigBreak, Uber Breaks Into Yet Another Sector Of The Music Industry
Aside from revolutionizing transportation, ride-sharing service Uber has played an increasingly active role in the music industry, most recently by …

Elizabeth Banks Gets Taken on the Uber Ride from Hell on SNL
People Magazine
Saturday Night Live host Elizabeth Bank’s Uber-trip-from-Hell might seem a little familiar to anyone who has ever had a bad experience with …

Karhoo helps streamline ride-hailing services
Daniel Ishag, founder and CEO of Karhoo, explains how the app conveniently pulls together information from various taxi services.

Uber to drive deeper into Ireland with ride-sharing pilot
Irish Times
Uber runs transport services in Ireland using PSV-licensed drivers, including … require legislative change, similar to other locations such as New York.

New York City Taxi Revenue Declines Accelerate in Last Four Months
The picture is getting bleaker for taxi medallion owners in New York City, according to new data from the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Uber Rumors Of Surge Pricing, Service Shutdown During Paris Attacks Are Not True, Says Uber
Tech Times
Uber, nevertheless, was quick to negate rumors which are spreading like wildfire, saying not only did it cancel surge pricing roughly half an hour right …

Tracing the spread of Uber rumors during the Paris terrorist attacks
The Verge
Not only did it cancel surge pricing — the controversial feature in which fares increase during periods of peak demand — approximately 30 minutes …

Uber partners with healthcare startup Practo
The Stack
Uber and healthcare app Practo have today announced a global … remove this anxiety by integrating with the taxi-app’s seamless user experience.

Uber’s ‘destinations’ feature could turn basically everyone into an Uber driver
The Verge
Starting soon, Uber drivers looking to earn some extra money on their commutes to and from home — especially those who drive part-time — will be …

Uber Considers Steering Drivers To “Vocational Training” As Cars Go Autonomous
What happens to Uber’s drivers once cars drive themselves? Something other than just losing their jobs, according to a gentler approach from CEO …

Uber’s chief adviser on benefits of the sharing economy
CNBC Video
David Plouffe, chief adviser at Uber, told CNBC that a challenge to Uber’s growth is the need to convince governments to embrace the ride-hailing …

Utica joins the coalition to bring Uber to upstate New York
UTICA, NY – Mayors in several upstate cities are showing their support for Uberincluding Utica. The app-based ride sharing service is a popular way …

November 10, 2015

Taxi drivers plan strike at San Jose airport over ride-sharing

San Jose Mercury News
SAN JOSE — Taxi drivers say they plan to go on strike Monday at Mineta San Jose International Airport because they are upset that ride-sharing …
Press & Sun-Bulletin
In New York State, Uber now operates only in New York City, where it is regulated by the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission. Opponents say Uber …
New York Post
Mayor de Blasio said on Monday that the Taxi & Limousine Commission has an “aggressive” approach to overworked cabbies like the one who killed …
New York Post
Administrative Law Judge Ingrid Addison recommended that the Taxi & LimousineCommission revoke Rustemi’s license and fine him $2,000.
New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV
“It’s a reminder of why Vision Zero is here to begin with,” he said. “It is critical to keep deepening Vision Zero because it works. It’s never been more …
The Verge
New Yorkers are typically a misanthropic lot, but Uber is finding success in convincing a growing number to share rides with complete strangers. In the …
San Francisco Chronicle
Uber showed the evolution of its political prowess this summer in New York when it crushed Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposed temporary cap on ride …

November 9,2015

Nina In New York: A Shockingly Fond Farewell To Taxi TV
CBS Local
It is done. The Taxi and Limousine Commission hath spoken, and Taxi TVs are officially outta here. We’re getting an upgrade, and those obnoxious, …

Uber Rival Offers Refunds Through ‘Surge Sucks’ Campaign
Tech Times
Surge pricing, while being intended to keep a constant balance of supply and demand for both drivers and riders, had eventually earned Uber a lot of …

Why We Don’t Wear Seat Belts in Cabs (Even Though We Know Better)
Yahoo Health
We’ve all been there: We skip the seat belt in a cab, text when we’re stopped at the red light, lay out by the pool without sunscreen, and get behind the …

De Blasio On NYC’s Deadly Streets: “The Car Has Been A Little Too Sacred”
Noting that it had been a “very tough week” after eight New Yorkers were killed in traffic crashes, Mayor de Blasio told reporters that his Vision Zero …
New York Post
The crackdown is part of Vision Zero, Mayor de Blasio’s program to end traffic deaths by 2025. Despite eight gruesome traffic-related deaths in this …
The Verge
A California judge set a trial date for the class action lawsuit challenging the way Uber classifies its drivers as independent contractors. Judge Edward …
Noting that legendary investor Carl Icahn recently took a large stake in Lyft, Baron asked Musk, “What is it about Uber’s business that will make them …
Washington Post
Yes, there is the ping pong table, the requisite cereal bar and fridge stocked with Red Bull – but Uber’s newest offices are more than just a …
New York Daily News
The TLC has issued summonses to drivers who work over 12-hour shifts, saidBhairavi Desai, executive director of the New York Taxi Workers …
Just like the surge pricing we’ve all become familiar with from Uber, the Washington Post reports surge parking would raise the cost of an hour of …
New York Post
Upper East Sider Ian Sebastian Gall has met his fair share of ladies in the back of anUber car. Photo: Anne Wermiel …
Uber FILE – In this photo taken Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014, a man leaves the headquarters of Uber in San Francisco. A federal judge granted class-action …
CBS Local
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD is looking for a suspect who threatened a taxicab driver at knife point before stealing the vehicle and …
Press Herald
The initial bid for the plates that were on the limousine carrying President John F. Kennedy when he was assassinated in Dallas was $40,000.

November 5, 2015

E-hail honchos: Here are the leaders behind N.Y.C.’s taxi apps
New York Business Journal
Some of the companies, such as Karhoo, are looking to tackle Uber head on by marketing their services across Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

One of Uber’s rivals is offering customers surge pricing refunds
The Verge
London-based Gett is offering New Yorkers free rides equal to what they pay Uber insurge pricing. Naturally, they call this promotional event “Surge …

Meet the Company Turning NYC Taxis and Buses Into Semi-Autonomous Vehicles
If so, you weren’t riding in your typical NYC taxi. Eight years ago, a company called Mobileye began outfitting consumer vehicles with vision-based …

Port Authority Considers Charging Fee For Curbside Access To Airports
CBS Local
One New York taxi driver doesn’t think the popularity of app-based taxi … “The people who’s taking taxis, they’re going to take a taxi anywhere,” one …

Uber to hold job fair in Syracuse
Companies like Uber and Lyft operate in New York City because of an agreement struck with the city’s taxi commission. Technically, current state law …

Uber driver ‘threatened’ by senior manager after establishing union
The Independent
A senior manager of the taxi app Uber has threatened a British driver for establishing a union to fight for better treatment, a leaked email appears to …

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie appoints new counsels
Albany Times Union (blog)
He previously served as a commissioner to the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission and general counsel for state affairs to the New York …

How Vancouver taxi companies are beating Uber
The Province
The massive ride-hailing company is apparently burning through billions to subsidize cheap rides in a war of attrition with taxi services in 60 countries, …

Embracing Uber Would be Good for New York

Will Uber create 13,000 jobs in its first year of operation in New York State, or will it destroy 11,150 jobs? As state policymakers in Albany debate …

November 4, 2015

Uber’s expansion into New York State puts 11000 jobs at risk, committee says
New York Daily News
A group of taxi medallion owners are warning that Uber’s drive into New York State would put 11,150 jobs at risk. The Committee for Taxi Safety said …

Uber’s most significant innovation is not its taxi hailing app, says Harvard economist
Business Insider
Michael Mandel Flickr Lisbon Council Flickr/Lisbon CouncilMichael Mandel, chief economic strategist at the Progressive Policy Institute, a Washington …

How Wheelchair Accessible Taxis Can Help Your Business
FR Conversions
Plus, companies that aren’t authorized by the Taxi & Limousine Commission have no plans to make this conversion, giving your business yet another …

Halloween Uber ride costs woman $500
KOAT Albuquerque
Siglock requested a ride home around 1 a.m. The Uber app sent her a message about surge pricing. Uber has an adjustable pricing system during its …

Uber’s business booming in St. Louis
Meanwhile with a lawsuit hanging over Uber’s head and claims from the taxicommission that the service is not as safe, customers are still using the …

Uber wants to help its US drivers get bank accounts
The Verge
Uber is considering offering banking services in the form of prepaid credit cards or assistance in signing up for bank accounts to its US drivers, …

In new push, Uber tries to position itself as the cure for America’s economic ills
Washington Post
Uber has been relatively quiet for the past few months, keeping its head down as questions over “Uber-type jobs” have risen to the level of presidential …

Meet the Boston Lawyer Who’s Putting Uber on Trial
Wall Street Journal
BOSTON—With a raft of lawsuits challenging Uber Technologies Inc. and other startups that summon workers at the touch of an app, attorney …

Uber Tempts Commuters To Drop The Keys With Flat-Fee Out-Of-Town Carpools
Why drive yourself when it might be cheaper to coast to work in the back of an Uber? Today Uber launched the beta of a new flat-fee long-distance …

Employee Found Dead in Taxi Company Office on Long Island: Police
NBC New York
A 30-year-old man was found dead in the office of a taxi company on Long Island Tuesday, authorities say. Suffolk police say William Donahue’s body …

October 20,2015

Which is better: Uber or yellow cab apps?
NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) – The Wall Street Journal put Uber to the test against new yellow cab hailing apps. Good Day NY gave it a shot, too.

Protesters push back against bill opening New York State up to Uber
New York Daily News
Avik Kabessa, founder of the Livery Roundtable, a group representing community car companies, argued the bill falls short on safety rules like …

Are Ads Now our New International Language?
Huffington Post
At last, those nasty television screens in New York City taxis are going to be eliminated, according to news from the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Epileptic cabbie who mowed down man, girl in Bronx indicted on homicide charges
New York Daily News
Bronx prosecutors say Emilio Garcia, 44, was aware of his condition but failed to tell the Taxi and Limousine Commission before suffering a seizure …

Maharashtra Wants to Regulate Cab Aggregators; Uber Reacts
This is of course, completely the opposite of how the aggregators function – by charging fares on a sliding scale, using “surge pricing” to charge more …

Michael Bloomberg, London mayor battle it out over rise of Uber
New York vs. … London taxi drivers have especially been at the forefront of a global battle against Uber, fighting to get the app banned until big …

Former Boston Uber driver sentenced up to 12 years on rape conviction
BOSTON – A former Uber driver accused of raping a female passenger in 2014 and who is also linked to a series of assaults in Boston has been …

Uber is using special camera cars to make pick-up time estimates less annoying
Business Insider
If you see an Uber with a big camera on the roof driving through your neighborhood, don’t try to request it. The ride-hailing company has started rolling …

Manhattan taxi trips plunge almost 4 million in 3 months: analysis
“Uber’s fastest growing areas continue to be communities outside Manhattan, where yellow cabs have traditionally refused to go,” said Uber …

October 19,2015

NYC taxi pilot will ditch the meter and calculate your fare with GPS
The Verge
Big changes are afoot at the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. Yesterday, the TLC approved a pilot to get rid of the obnoxious in-cab …

A Clash of Conveniences: Uber’s ‘Deactivation’ Of Drivers
Huffington Post
Deactivation severs drivers’ connection to Uber’s app-based platform. … fighting the traffic in places like L.A., San Francisco and New York,” Hill said in …

Uber’s “Safe Rides” Fee Now Varies Depending On Where You Live
The Consumerist
… where Uber falls under the purview of the New York Taxi and LimousineCommission. NYC riders don’t have to pay a safe rides fee, and never have …

AT&T, Uber to test college football streaming in connected cars
By Malathi Nayak. NEW YORK (Reuters) – AT&T Inc said on Friday it has partnered with Uber to roll out connected car rides in four cities for a limited …

Uber wins high court case over taxi app
The Guardian
The taxi-booking service Uber has received a boost after the high court ruled that itsapp was legal in London. Had it lost the case, the company would …

Uber: We’re coming to Buffalo
The Daily News Online
Uber, a ride-hailing service currently unavailable in New York outside of New YorkCity, is telling potential drivers that it’s “coming to Buffalo.”.

Green cabbies don’t want to drive in Manhattan anymore
New York Post
New York Post reporter Reuven Fenton asks a green taxi for a ride to … Complaints made to the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission about green …

1000 NYC taxicabs in a test run with GPS-based fare calculators
Northern Californian
However, meter and payment technology has advanced since the original TPEPRFP, and even since the more recently enacted TPEP requirements …

The Flop of Uber Drivers’ National Protest Shows How Hard It Is for Them to Organize
The failure of this weekend’s nationwide protest planned by Uber drivers illustrates how hard it is for ride-hailing drivers to collectively organize and …

Uber Delivery Service ‘No Longer An Experiment’: UberRush Expands To Two New Cities
International Business Times
UberRush, ride-hailing app Uber’s delivery service that’s been undergoing an experimental test run in New York City, recently announced an …

Is Uber The Root Of All Evil?
It is a truth universally acknowledged, in the enlightened liberal semi-socialist California circles in which I often move, that Uber is evil. It is accepted as …

Uber Driver Threatened to Rape and Kill San Francisco Passenger
Uber is yet again facing questions about its safety standards after a San Francisco woman documented voicemails and phone calls from a driver who …

Here are the cities where Uber charges you the most to ensure a ‘safe ride’
At any rate, Business Insider did a thorough search of Uber safe ride fee data and created a massive list of the cheapest and most expensive cities in …

October 8, 2015

There are more than 30000 Uber drivers working in NYC
New York Post
There are now more than 30,000 Uber drivers working in New York City – a number that has shot up by 15 percent in just the past four months.

French Startup Launches An ‘Uber’ For People Who Use Wheelchairs
Huffington Post
Launched last year, Wheeliz is an Uber-like service that connects the … hail wheelchair-accessible taxis in cities including New York, Philadelphia and …

London taxi firm Addison Lee offers cabs for cyclists and their bikes
Cycling Weekly
London private hire company Addison Lee will introduce a new ‘CycleCab’ scheme in the capital from October 19 whereby its distinctive Ford Galaxy …

The Number Of UberX Drivers In NYC Has More Than Doubled Since Last Fall
The number of UberX drivers registered in New York City has more than … (UberX drivers operate black cars, so these numbers do not include Taxi …

Driving for Uber lets me live the American dream
New York Post
I was born in the Dominican Republic, and moved to New York City when I was …Friday nights are incredibly busy for both taxi riders and Uber riders.

How can Lyft compete with Uber?
Lyft is the generic brand of tissue to Uber’s Kleenex. While Lyft has attracted its share of venture capital and ridership, the ride-hailing company is a …

Exclusive: In lawsuit over hacking, Uber probes IP address assigned to Lyft exec – sources
Uber’s court papers claim that an unidentified person using a Comcast IP … Uber’slawsuit alleges the hacker violated civil provisions of the federal …

How safe is that Uber you’re hailing?
SherpaShare is used by over 10,000 contract drivers (who work at companies likeUber and Lyft) to compile hours of work, number of miles driven and …

St. Louis taxi commission files suit to block Uber from operating
The company also filed a federal lawsuit against the taxi commission alleging anti-competitive practices in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

October 7, 2015

Uber, Subway, and more apps are coming to the new Microsoft Band
The Verge
Everything from Uber, to Runkeeper, to Men’s Fitness, to Starbucks and … Microsoft made the announcement today at its event in New York City.

Uber Really Wants You to Register to Vote Today! (I Wonder Why…) (blog)
Uber isn’t afraid of getting involved in politics when policy affecting them is in play. When New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio supported a cap on the …

The worst thing about Uber’s predatory surge pricing is that everyone is doing it
The Daily Dot
But there’s a problem with surge pricing becoming the new normal in American businesses-it’s terrible for companies and even worse for consumers.

Surging GOP candidate Marco Rubio just gave a full-throated defense of Uber
Business Insider
… for Uber – also took a direct swipe at the New York City taxi industry. … We’ve seen this play out with taxi companies lobbying to stop Uber,” Rubio …

Taxi Drivers Sue Over Rules to Make Life Easier for Uber, Lyft
Daily Business Review (registration)
The Kelley/Uustal attorneys, standing, L to R, Kimberly Walk, Robert Kelley and Cristina Pierson. They are representing taxi certificate holders.

Study Says Uber Putting The Brakes On New Car Sales
MediaPost Communications – 18 hours ago
Are digital car services like Uber and Lyft hurting new-car sales? Could be. Market research firm Frank N. Magid Associates has released the results of a national survey …

October 5, 2015

From Rio to Paris – Uber is fighting battles across the globe
The Guardian
Uber has just been banned from operating in Rio de Janeiro, the host city of the 2016 Olympics, and São Paulo is on the verge of banning the service …

GM testing a car-sharing app, taking aim at Zipcar and Uber
The program is a response to car-sharing services like Zipcar and Uber, which cater to city-dwellers and others who find it convenient to not own a car, …

NYC hires McKinsey to assess Uber impact on traffic
To explore the effects that for hire car services, such as Uber, have on the congestion in New York, New York City Hall has hired McKinsey & Company …

Former Uber driver trying to organize nationwide strike
WTSP 10 News
At least that’s the approach that former Uber driver Abe Husein is doing, … that the ridiculously shady tactics resulted in 5,000 lost rides in New York.

Richard Branson tells black cabs to adapt or die, as Uber row rages on
Sir Richard Branson has weighed into the Uber debate, claiming that any attempt to clamp down on the popular taxi-hailing app will hurt UK …

Uber growth greatest in Manhattan and gentrified Brooklyn and Queens
Capital New York
In response to a freedom of information request, New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission provided POLITICO New York with Uber’s black car …

Council transportation chair to endorse a version of congestion pricing
Capital New York
When City Council transportation Chairman Ydanis Rodriguez unveils his transportation agenda morning, he will call upon his colleagues …

Hailo turns its focus to the last refuge of the old-style cabbie: corporate business
Irish Independent
Having established near national coverage and a clear lead on rival Uber in the taxi app wars, Hailo has turned its focus to corporate business.

Transportation regulators investigate 2 incidents involving Uberdrivers
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Transportation regulators are looking into two incidents involving Uber drivers that have prompted the company’s critics to say, “I told you so.”.

Legal troubles – including 173 lawsuits in the US – threaten Uber’s global push
Business Insider
PARIS/SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Uber Inc’s aggressive global expansion is looking costlier and riskier than ever as the company struggles with …

The Trick to Requesting Uber and Lyft at Any Airport
Huffington Post
Since Uber allows you to drag the pin to determine your pickup location, as you can see below, I simply dragged the pin to the area directly outside of …

September 30, 2015

Loan Participations Spread Taxi Medallion Paid
Credit Union Times
In addition, LOMTO FCU President/CEO Richard Kay reported that 100% of LOMTOFCU’s 201 participated business loans, worth $101 million, had …

Cab service goes extra mile for NYC’s vets
The Taxi and Limousine Commission said at least 150 drivers who have identified as veterans have applied this year citywide to work as cabbies …

CEO of credit union with delinquent taxi medallion loans says state won’t let him consult with lawyer
New York Post
Montauk Credit Union is saddled with delinquent taxi medallion loans from hack owners ravaged by competition from Uber. Montauk CEO Louis …

Uber faces massive crackdown in London
Taxis block the Mall in central London in protest against Uber … Uber matches drivers with passengers via a smartphone app, allowing riders to hail a …

World first: Uber to be legalised in Australia’s capital
Uber has been banned from ‘surge pricing’ during declared emergencies. Last year, Uber was heavily criticised after its software automatically …

Has Uber already peaked?
Los Angeles Times
Their take is that in New York, Uber and the medallion taxi fleet “may have arrived at a natural equilibrium” (Steier’s words) that will prevent Uber from …

Amazon enters ‘gig economy’ with Uber-for-packages service
The Guardian
Frequently referred to as the “sharing economy”, a reference to the fact that service providers at firms such as Uber or AirBnB are “sharing” their assets, …

September 28,2015

New York cabs get mobile apps to compete with Uber
Travel Weekly
… the app in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. The app has been downloaded about 12,000 times, according to Arro spokesman Michael Woloz.

Traffic impact in NYC due to Pope Francis visit expected to impact 500000 drivers: Report
“I believe New York City will demonstrate how seasoned and skilled it is at handling … Drivers will also face street closures, according to the Taxi and Limousine … Sign up for NYC news plus the scoop on things to do, see and eat.

Need a ride? Verifone Way2ride has you covered
The technology is fully integrated into the taxi’s existing interface. … Already up and running in New York City, the app will be available soon in other …

City Hall’s yellow light as de Blasio bigfoots on innovation
New York Daily News
Never mind, for now, the fact that, despite a hiccup or two, Uber did in fact comply with exhaustive Taxi & Limousine Commission regulations when it …

NYC Taxi Drivers Flatten Wheelchair Mandate
Courthouse News Service
Though people in wheelchairs make up less than 1 percent of New York City’s population, the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission has …

Police search for cabdriver who choked, fondled woman in backseat of taxi
Police were searching Wednesday for a cabdriver who choked his passenger after climbing into the backseat with her in Williamsburg over the …

September 22, 2015

Uber prompts rethink at New York taxi licence group
Financial Times
For the past 19 years, Medallion Financial has traded under the symbol “TAXI” inNew York, with big investors including BlackRock and Morgan …

Obama guru maps out Uber’s new Europe strategy
Forget everything you knew about Uber in Europe, like violent protests, … New YorkMayor Bill de Blasio was caught off-guard last year by the city’s …

Competition with Uber sparks audit of taxi lenders
New York Post
… the books of the troubled Melrose Credit Union, the Progressive Credit Union and the LOMTO Credit Union, insiders familiar with the probe said.

Cab Leader Calls For Stop-and-Frisk Ramp-Up After Murders of Drivers
The head of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers has called on NYPD to ramp-up stop-and-frisk following the death of cab driver Barry …

Rogue UberX Drivers Give Thousands of Rides, Get No Tickets
CBS Local
Uber’s request for a restraining order against the taxi commission was denied. Taxi commissioners so far have yet to respond with their own request to …

Uber’s technology is reportedly ‘hanging by a thread’ – but the company’s CTO is getting it together
Business Insider
Uber has grown so rapidly over the past few years that its technical infrastructure has struggled to keep pace, according to The Information. Efrati notes …


September 17,2015

New York City To Test Cars That Can ‘Talk’ To Each Other
Huffington Post
The program in New York will spend a year in the design phase with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Taxi and Limousine Commission …

Before TLC votes on new JFK surcharge, a plea to drop it
New York Business Journal
The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission is set to vote on a new surcharge for taxis going between Manhattan and John F. Kennedy Airport this …

Cabbies protest Uber at Gov. Cuomo’s office
He said he wants the Taxi and Limousine Commission to consider adding wi-fi to yellow cabs to help them compete against Uber, and that he hopes …

Sick of Uber? Check Out These Alternatives
NYU Local
Uber has changed the landscape of NYC travel. With just a few taps on your beloved smartphone, a man in a shiny black Cadillac will pull up to your …

Vancouver Taxi Companies Launch eCab App In Response To Uber
Huffington Post Canada
The eCab app is available for download already, but will officially start working in Vancouver on Wednesday with Black Top Checker Cabs, MacLures …

Uber Rivals Form International Alliance
Wall Street Journal
Two of Uber Technologies Inc.’s biggest rivals have launched a counterattack by linking their apps to effectively create one international ride-hailing …

Five Things Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Told Marc Benioff At Dreamforce
In an hour-long sit-down chat with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff to kick off the second day of the Dreamforce conference, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick …


September 9, 2015

World War Uber: Why The Ride-Hailing Giant Can’t Conquer The Planet (Yet)
Uber is used to getting what it wants, wherever it wants. … its business model – even the mayor of New York caved under an Uber-led outcry in July.

India’s Taxi-Hailing Firm Ola Adds Shuttle Service In A Bid For More Scale
While Uber dukes it out in China against Didi Kauidi, a homegrown rival in India is also piling pressure on the U.S.-based transportation app with …

Uber Wants To Conquer The World, But These Companies Are Fighting Back (Map)
Ride-hailing apps are scrambling to grab market share as demographics … Japan’s most popular messaging app, LINE, launched its taxi service in …

Taxi King owes $11M in taxes – $5M more than he claimed
New York Post
Last year, the Taxi and Limousine Commission fined Freidman $98,000 because of his outstanding bill, which includes bills owed from 2013. He paid …

Proposed laws would allow Uber, Lyft pickups at Seattle airport and eliminate taxi exclusivity
As the New York Times highlighted in May, Uber and other competitors are trying to ink deals with airports across the country to allow pickups.

Cab companies sue state over Uber, Lyft
Miami Herald
By not enforcing the same regulations on Uber and Lyft that it does on cab companies, the lawsuit said, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer …

Police search for fake Uber driver who picked up college students
CBS News
Police say the man approached two women just before 2 a.m. Sunday morning, said his Uber fare did not show up, and asked if they wanted a ride.

Uber’s top Chinese rival just raised $3 billion
Business Insider
Didi Kuaidi, Uber’s number one rival in China, just raised $3 billion in venture capital funding, the company announced Wednesday. Didi Kuaidi was …

Sarasota deregulates for hire services: Uber, Lyft, taxis
WTSP 10 News
That’s good news for Uber, whose local manager Christine Mitchell had said earlier that if a proposed ordinance was enacted the company would find …

A Taxi Mishap May Have Inspired Uber’s Domination
Huffington Post
For the last few years, the Uber CEO has almost continuously locked horns with the industry as cab drivers and taxi executives alike rebelled against …

September 8, 2015

Uber could premiere same-day delivery service for retailers
Uber, which made its name “delivering” people and has recently begun to deliver meals, may soon expand to big retailers and fashion brands, …

Uber fixes link problem after trip information appears in Google search results
Business Insider
Uber trips Business Insider/GoogleOn each search result, a map of the route is displayed along with the passenger’s name. The driver’s photo, name, …

Will Uber drivers turn on Uber?
BBC News
Uber considers them contractors: they work when they want, for as long as they want. Drivers must pay for their cars, fuel, maintenance – everything.

Laser can ‘disable self-drive car’
BBC News
If enough phantom objects were created, the car would stop completely, … “I can take echoes of a fake car and put them at any location I want,” he added. … group, will be presented at the Black Hat Europe conference in November.

With millions in delinquencies and troubled debts from taximedallion loans, foreclosures are …
Crain’s New York Business
Taxi medallions once fetched $1 million or more. But none … sale, six months ago, fetched $700,000, according to Taxi & Limousine Commission data.

Dodge Chargers become Star Wars Stormtroopers for Uber
Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand created a fleet of Dodge Chargers that have the distinctive look of Star Wars’ bad guys, which they brought to New York and …

I spent a week using the taxi app Gett and now I know how Uber will destroy its competitors
Business Insider
I’m addicted to the app. I’ll try to get an Uber even when there is an empty taxi idling in front of me, just on principle (and because it’s usually cheaper).

September 4,2015

Top yellow cab medallion leader facing hundreds of millions of dollars in delinquencies
The credit union is suing the Taxi and Limousine Commission and the city because it says Uber rides are not pre-arranged trips, but illegal electronic …

Lyft’s Environmental Footprint Vs. NYC’s “Taxi Of Tomorrow” 19th Century Technology
(Ferenstein Wire) – A brand new taxi design was unveiled this week to mixed fanfare, as the tech-enabled Nissan NV 200 “Taxi of Tomorrow” runs on a …

NYC Enlists Tech Types to Help Fix Its Uber Problem
That technology led to the creation of the black car market in New York, which unlike yellow cabs, must be dispatched in advance, instead of hailed on …

Yellow Cab-Hailing App Arro Launches In New York City
CBS Local
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Raising your arm to hail a cab may be a thing of … “Unlike Uber, these drivers don’t actually have phones in their cars.

The fix is in for City Hall’s Uber ‘study’
Meantime, why isn’t NYC conducting a comprehensive traffic study that … to hold down the number of permitted new cars for for-hire firms like Uber.

Earn Miles For Using the HAILO Cab Application In London
Travel News
Hailo is an application which allows you to order and pay a cab electronically through you mobile phone (similar to UBER however as far as.

British Airways partners with Hailo
Executive Club members using Hailo in London can earn Avios points.

New York City And Uber Call A Truce To Pave Way For Technology Advisory Group
Morning News USA
Meanwhile, cabs are also experiencing a decline in passengers in New York City.NYC’s population may be 20% larger than what it was back in 1937.

Uber ride data publicly accessible through Google
On Thursday, a site-specific search on Google for produced dozens of links to Uber rides that have been completed and cancelled, ..

Uber settles over unpaid workers’ compensation insurance
Washington Times
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – Ride-sharing service Uber has agreed to pay Alaska more than $77,900 in connection to unpaid workers’ compensation …

September 1, 2015

A brief guide to America’s sharing economy
The Week Magazine 
Uber, launched in 2009, has exploded into a $40 billion worldwide … “It’s more discreet and much cheaper than the Waldorf,” one New York City sex …

New York Daily News
Taxi & Limousine Commission Chairwoman Meera Joshi said the agency’s “open door to innovation” means the “tech community remains constantly …
Hilton and Uber announced a partnership today to let hotel guests grab a ride from anywhere they are staying in the world on the hotel’s HHonors app.
Yes, it’s deja vu all over again with the taxis-versus-Uber battle. Once more, a struggling industry sector attempts to apply its antiquated standards to a …
Business Insider
Uber’s classification of its drivers as independent contractors means drivers are not entitled to many standard worker rights. Drivers aren’t eligible for …
New York Times
Meera Joshi, the city’s taxi commissioner, said the timing of the rollout is great for the industry because there has recently been a stronger focus on …
Mayor de Blasio, whose approval ratings have taken a nosedive recently, took questions from everyday New Yorkers Monday via Twitter. …

August 31, 2015

Uber just closed a $1 billion round of funding for its China branch
Business Insider
Uber’s China arm has closed its $1 billion fundraising round early, … after launching in Chengdu, Uber has 479 times the trips it had in New York after …

Microsoft teams up with DataKind Labs to improve traffic safety
In collaboration with Microsft, DataKind Labs is running a program called Vision Zero- Vision Zero was launched in the 1990’s in Europe, and aims to …

To regulate or not to regulate? EU to launch study on Uber
BRUSSELS Brussels will launch a study in September of the taxi-hailing app Uber, in an effort to settle the legal disputes that have pitched the U.S. …

Uber Hires the Hackers Who Wirelessly Hijacked a Jeep
IF IT’S POSSIBLE to wirelessly attack an Internet-connected Jeep to hijack its steering and brakes, what could hackers do to a fully self-driving car?

In tussle over rideshare supremacy, Uber and Ola target any business on wheels
Yet, this seemingly absurd notion is exactly what has transpired in the super-hot, rideshare and taxi market in India. Uber was recently reported to …

August 28, 2015

New York City’s taxi industry insiders made an app to compete with Uber
The Verge
The introduction of Uber to New York City has destabilized the taxi industry. The value of medallions has been cut nearly in half, pushing medallion …

Business Travelers Warming Up to to Alternative Car Rentals
New York Times
Mr. Petz was traveling to San Francisco from New York to open an office for his company, … Despite the attention being paid to Uber and Lyft, rental car companies are … Enterprise CarShare rates range from $7 to $18 in New York.

De Blasio Hits a Few Bumps on Transportation Issues
Wall Street Journal
His philosophy on urban transit is much the same as that of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and he has found some success with Vision Zero.

New York Taxi King Gene Freidman brands ‘Uber nasty and a morally corrupt company’
Daily Mail
Evgeny ‘Gene’ Freidman, 44, controls 860 yellow cabs cabs throughout New York City and makes money by leasing them. But he is facing increased …

Say ‘Hailo’ to Arro? A new taxi app is in town
New York Business Journal
… for RideLinQ pales in comparison to Uber, which has 14,088 registered cars in New York City, according to the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

This new app lets you hail a New York taxi and skip the Uber surge pricing
Washington Post
You’ve been able to legally e-hail a cab with an app in New York since 2013, thanks to a decision by the city’s taxi commission. But taxi-friendly …

August 27,2015

Report warns MTA revenue could erode if Uber growth continues
Capital New York
If the San Francisco-based car hail company with the more than $50 billion … Theblack car sector, which is dominated by Uber, will account for 42 …

N.Y. tax revenue in trouble thanks to old policies and new Uber, report says
New York Business Journal
Commuters pay a flat 50-cent per-ride tax on yellow and green cab rides and an 8.875 sales tax on black car rides, all of which generates roughly …

Meet Arro the yellow taxi industry’s last best hope to compete with Uber
Crain’s New York Business (blog)
New smartphone app Arro lets users hail and pay for yellow and green cab rides. Its backers laid out their strategy to compete with Uber. Andrew J.

The Fall of New York City’s Taxi King
Evgeny “Gene” Freidman is known as the Taxi King. He is the largest medallionoperator in the country, but has recently run into trouble from shrinking …

Uber Should Pay an MTA Fee Like Yellow Cabs, But the Fee Should Be Smarter
Streetsblog New York (blog)
Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke about the problem on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show last week. “We also have to support the MTA, which is in the interest of …

It looks like Uber is getting serious about its plan for self-driving cars
Business Insider
travis kalanick, ceo uber Steve Jennings/Getty ImagesSAN FRANCISCO, CA -FEBRUARY 05: Winner Travis Kalanick of Uber collects the award for …

Uber approved in Los Angeles airport
Las Vegas Review-Journal
UberX is a Uber Technologies Inc service that uses everyday drivers using their own vehicles. The council vote does not apply to UberBLACK and …

Who protects workers in the on-demand economy?
Brookings Institution (blog)
In July, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio retracted a plan to cap the number of new rideshare drivers after fierce opposition from Uber. Rideshare …

Solution to Uber is confiscate their cars, taskforce told
The Daily Telegraph
“The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, for example, have this power, and between April and June 2015 is known to have seized 496 …

August 21,2015

Uber Sued by ‘Annoyance Lawyer’ for Anti-De Blasio Robocalls
An attorney who calls himself the “Annoyance Lawyer” sued Uber Technologies Inc. over its robocall campaign attacking New York Mayor Bill de …

NYC Mayor de Blasio: Times Square Pedestrian Plaza Could Be Removed
Wall Street Journal
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio floated removing the popular pedestrian plazas from Times Square, in what would be a reversal of one of his …

St. Louis taxi commissioner files FTC complaint over ride-sharing
ST. LOUIS * A commissioner on the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission has filed a complaint to federal regulators against the commission …

FBI, NYPD Seek ‘Taxi Cab Bandit’ Suspected In 6 Bank Robberies In New York
CBS Local
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The FBI and NYPD are on the hunt for what they call a serial robber who got away in a yellow cab. Authorities said the …

August 20,2015

Bits | Uber Raises $100 Million From Tata of India
New York Times (blog)
Uber already said that it had planned to invest $1 billion by early next year into its operations in India, where Uber competes with local rivals like Ola, ..

Uber’s Drive Toward World Domination, One Regulatory Green Light at a Time
Uber’s triumph over New York Mayor Bill de Blasio isn’t the only win it’s had lately. It’s also made strides in the Philippines, Mexico, Calcutta, Paris, …

Amid fight with Uber, Lyft, Boston taxi ridership plummets
Boston Globe
“The taxi industry isn’t going to survive without any kind of reform or … tech capital where Uber is headquartered, and yellow taxi ridership in New York …

Taxi-booking app GrabTaxi raises $490 million in fresh funding
Southeast Asian taxi-booking app GrabTaxi Holdings Pte Ltd said Wednesday it had raised more than US$350 million (S$491 million) in the firm’s …

Uber Missed Criminal Records of Drivers, Prosecutors Assert
New York Times
An Uber representative said in a statement that the company’s background check method was no worse than Livescan, a process used by taxi …

De Blasio reveals that officials are crafting ‘vision’ for the car service industry in plan to address 
New York Daily News
De Blasio’s fight with Uber has fallen flat with New York voters, who in a poll thought the mayor’s cap plan was driven by yellow taxi industry donors …

August 18,2015

Uber Does Not Serve Disabled People, Say D.C. Advocates
WAMU 88.5
Uber and its ride-hailing competitors have enjoyed as warm a welcome in the …Uber is testing partnerships in four cities – New York, Philadelphia, …

There Were 10% Fewer Yellow Taxi Pickups In The First Half Of 2015
At the time, Bhairavi Desai of the New York Taxiworkers Alliance, which represents both Uber and Taxi drivers, deemed the crackdown proof of an …

Uber’s surge pricing is a rip-off, says Gett
Unlike like Uber and Lyft, Gett doesn’t jack up its prices during periods of high demand — a policy known assurge pricing. In New York, Gett charges a …

Uber versus yellow cabs: A fight advisers should watch
InvestmentNews (blog)
Big cities around the globe are participating in a battle between the incumbent cabindustry and upstart ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

Yellow cab group cites pay dropping to support case against Uber
Albany Business Review
According to data compiled by the New York Daily News, each yellow cab saw 9 percent less in average pay for cabbies due to a heated rivalry with ..

New York taxi drivers with wheelchair accessible cars may get bigger tips
New York Daily News
With money collected this year from a 30 cent surcharge on all taxi rides, yellow cab drivers would get between $10 and $30 extra for each trip from a …

Mayor de Blasio Thinks the Press Went Easy on Mayor Bloomberg
World Latest New
Bump After Bump, Bill de Blasio Is Still Hitting Political Potholes NYT > Home Page (Yesterday) – Many allies are wondering how Mr. de Blasio, …

Medallion Financial Corp’s “Hold” Rating Reiterated at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods (TAXI)
The Legacy
Medallion Financial Corp logo Keefe, Bruyette & Woods restated their hold rating on shares of Medallion Financial Corp (NASDAQ:TAXI) in a report …

August 17, 2015

Neighborhood Car Service Companies Adopt Their Own Apps to Fend Off Uber
New York Times
When Uber made its New York City debut in 2011, it set out to remake the city’s for-hire car market – the yellow cabs and black cars in Manhattan, the…

Addison Lee launches API
Tech City News
Europe’s largest premium car service Addison Lee has launched an API which will give customers, partners and affiliates the chance to integrate the …

Taxi pickups plummet 10% to 77 million in first half of 2015: analysis
New York Daily News
Driving a yellow cab just isn’t hacking it anymore. Pickups for the iconic taxis that long ruled Manhattan streets plummeted 10% to 77 million in the first …

Medallion owners aren’t backing down against Uber
New York Post
At a rally outside the Taxi and Limousine Commission Sunday, three dozen medallion owners blasted Mayor de Blasio and the TLC for failing to limit …

Uber China considering local listing to raise funds
Uber is said to be targeting US$1 billion in funds to support its China operations, with existing investor Baidu tipped to participate in the exercise, …

Uber, Lyft apply for permits to operate in Nevada
Autoblog (blog)
Ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft filed applications Friday for permits to operate in Nevada, meaning they could be cleared to hit the roads within …

August 10, 2015

Uber is increasing its prices by 10% on rides in Australia
Business Insider Australia
Surge pricing increases the cost of a ride when demand is high in a bid to attract more drivers onto the roads. Users Business Insider spoke to say …

Don’t blame Uber for being disruptive: Advisor
New York Taxi Workers Alliance President Bhairavi Desai said the industry, which has a quarter of a million workers across the country, would not just …

Why you can’t catch an Uber or Lyft in Syracuse, but can in 60 smaller cities
The companies have struck an agreement with the New York City’s Taxi & Limousine Commission that allows them to operate in that jurisdiction as …

Background checks for Uber, taxi drivers pose issue for Legislature
Los Angeles Times
Rather than looking for another excuse to protect taxi operators from … ride services, which are regulated by the state Public Utilities Commission, and …

Judge denies motion for temporary injunction against Uber
Circuit Judge Paul L. Huey denied a motion by the Hillsborough Public Transportation Commission for a temporary injunction against Uber.

Airbnb on Wheels: Vans and Taxis Provide Cheap Lodging in NYC
Yahoo Travel
For now, all the New York City listings on Airbnb for parked vehicles come from one owner, Jonathan Powley, a 35-year-old standup comedian and …

Here’s how to get free breakfast in bed Saturday
You may have just crawled out of your stupidly late/early Friday night Uber, but … Sign up for NYC news plus the scoop on things to do, see and eat.

Uber went down in New York City, and the internet freaked out
Business Insider
Ride-hailing company Uber had an outage in New York City on Saturday … Meanwhile, Uber support spent the morning on Twitter trying to calm the …

Uber’s bait and switch: passengers taken for a ride

But as complaints rise, is Uber becoming just like the taxis it promised to … At one stage it even said the median driver in New York could make …

Poll: NYC voters doubt officials’ motivations in Uber fight

A wide majority of voters in New York City think that elected officials there have … they have received donations from the taxi industry, according to a new poll. Sixty-five percent of voters surveyed for a new Quinnipiac University poll …

Democrats vs. Uber And ‘The Sharing Economy’

While the car service app Uber Technologies faces continued government roadblocks to doing business around the world, Democratic candidates for …

Need a Taxi to the Airport? Options Expanding Beyond Uber

At the same time, established car services like Uber and Lyft are continuing to expand to more corners of the world while adding bells and whistles like …

July 10, 2015

Autonomous taxis: cost-effective and great for the environment
Christopher Maynard is a New York-based writer and editor who has worked as a security guard, high school teacher, theatrical lighting designer and …

EXCLUSIVE: Uber to launch $10 carpool deal to help ease congestion
New York Daily News
A plan to boost carpooling in the city was a “silver lining” of the city’s car-cap plan, said Taxi and Limousine Commission Chair Meera Joshi.

 Lyft is leaving Broward, too
Sun Sentinel
The announcements also follow the County Commission’s vote to authorize … bucking local taxi laws, has ignited fury among taxi drivers worldwide.

China’s Uber-style taxi app raises $2bn
Bangkok Post
BEIJING – China’s top taxi hailing app Didi Kuaidi announced Wednesday it raised $2 billion in two weeks, after reports said US rival Uber planned to …

Brooklyn woman, 50, fatally struck by livery car: police
New York Daily News
A 50-year-old woman was fatally struck by a livery car in Brooklyn Thursday night, police said. The victim, whose name was not immediately revealed, …

Big Taxi Defeats Uber In NYC
Daily Caller
Innovation and the free market have been dealt a crushing blow in the battle for supremacy on the streets of New York City. The taxi medallion industry …

What Is Gett? A Ride-Hailing Company Is Profitable Internationally, Makes A Half Billion In ..
International Business Times
The Gett app hails a taxi, black car or limo for consumers in 50 cities … There currently are 35,000 Gett drivers globally, 2,000 of them in New York.

TLC Hearing 7/16 – Demand Economic Rights!
New York Taxi Workers Alliance
No New Rules 2013 Protest w Police 1500w.jpg. New York … NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission 33 Beaver St New York, NY, 10004 United States …

Yellow cab trips declining in NYC, according to TLC data
The number of trips made by the city’s iconic yellow cabs has been on a slide in recent years, new data reveals. The average number of taxi trips a day …

July 9, 2015

What Uber Can Learn From Airbnb’s Global Expansion
New York Times
The ride-hailing company Uber had a much more difficult week. … It has faced significant clampdowns in American cities like New York, where some …

Uber and Manhattan Gridlock Are Rising Together
Streetsblog New York (blog)
How responsible is Uber for the 9 percent drop in Manhattan travel speeds that New York City transportation officials reported last month? The answer …

Uber under assault around the world as taxi drivers fight back
Smartphone-driven Uber is revolutionizing taxi service around the world, and in …New York seized nearly 500 cars affiliated with Uber this spring for …

JPMorgan Chase Employees Travel Uber-Style After Late Nights
NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Employees at JPMorgan Chase (JPM – Get … is allowing employees to expense Uber rides for specified work-related travel.

Would You Hail a Driverless Taxi?
(NEW YORK) – If you were in need of a lift, would you hail a driverless taxi? The idea seems far out, but a new study out of the Lawrence Berkeley …

Uber to Broward: Our way or the highway
Sun Sentinel
… New York City, where all vehicles must be licensed through the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, all drivers must carry commercial insurance, …

London tube strike: Uber hikes fares, Hailo demand skyrockets
Capital-dwellers amongst you might be grim-faced this morning thanks to the London tube strike, but it’s smiles all round at Uber and Hailo.

TRAVEL LAW: Florida Taxes on online travel companies: The fight against government
In Ryan, Uber Runs NYC Taxi Cos. Off The Road, Suit Says, (5/27/2015) it was noted that “Uber Technologies LLC unfairly dominates the …

Has Uber Forced Taxi Drivers to Step Up Their Game?
The Atlantic
The number of taxi trips in New York City decreased by about eight percent from 2012 to 2014, and one recent report found that Uber provides almost …

July 7, 2015

One bylaw needed for Uber and all cabs: Tory
The city had argued Uber is a taxi company and must abide by city … by Uber representatives’ willingness to be included in a new modernized regime.

Talk about a Vision Zero blind spot
New York Daily News
Not for public safety, with the death toll among pedestrians barely budging in the nearly one year since the Vision Zero law took effect. Not for the …

Since Taxicab Commissioners Aren’t Accepting Emails, Uber is Delivering Letters
CBS Local
The Metropolitan Taxicab Commission (MTC), which is dominated by the taxiindustry, has so far refused to allow uberX in St. Louis. And although they …

Google Moves Into Ridesharing With New Carpooling App From Waze
Beyond its self-driving car program, Google has been rumored to be exploring … Uber’s black-car professional service has been in Israel since last …

Uber Seeks Police Protection in Johannesburg
Wall Street Journal
JOHANNESBURG—Uber Technologies Inc. on Monday asked police to protect drivers and passengers using its ride-sharing service from taxi drivers …

Uber accident victim offered £35 refund after minicab crashes on M4 and bursts into flames
Evening Standard
An executive has hit out at Uber for offering a £35 refund after he was “almost killed” when his minicab crashed on the M4 and burst into flames.

Sarasota moves to regulate Uber
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
… county’s commission required all drivers to get county chauffeur registration and … Some taxi drivers and taxi company owners spoke out against the …

 July 6,2015

Capital Playbook: de Blasio cues angry liberals; city looks atUber parameters
Capital New York
Capital Playbook: de Blasio cues angry liberals; city looks at Uber parameters …. So argued New York City taxi commissioner Meera Joshi on Tuesday …

Would you trust your Uber driver to give you first aid?
The Guardian
Uber taxis can arrive at a person’s location within three minutes in large cities likeNew York, compared to around seven minutes for emergency …

Crackdown on illegal ride-sharing app
Perth Now
Taxis Combined Services driver Razmig Meguerdijian pictured driving … back in October with ways to deal with “unregulated” ride-sharing apps.

If You Can’t Beat Uber, Get Your Own App
East Hampton Star
So, separately, both Mark Ripolone of Ditch Plains Taxi in Montauk and … to a two-year term on the Suffolk County Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Uber Is The Napster Of Driving-as-a-Service
That is basically where we’re at with Uber and ridesharing services. There are laws in place in many countries, states, counties and cities that govern …

Uber can save us from yellow-cab horrors
New York Post
Does “surge pricing” violate consumer affairs rules, or maybe the US Constitution? As if city cabs have any standing to complain about their …

EXCLUSIVE: Black business leader wants Bill de Blasio to halt cap on new Uber cars
New York Daily News
Bhairavi Desai, director of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, a drivers union, dismissed Uber’s job creation concerns as “nonsense,” as some of its …

Uber Suspends UberPop in France and Awaits Court Ruling
Boston Globe
PARIS — Uber, the US ride-hailing company, agreed to suspend its lowest-cost service in France starting Friday evening, bowing to violent strikes last …

Uber evades a ban in Canada’s largest city
Uber might be facing its worst nightmare in Europe, but it just got a big break in Canada. A Toronto judge has tossed out the city’s attempt to ban Uber …

Police make arrest in livery cab driver shooting
News 12 Brooklyn
Police have arrested 24-year-old Tyrell Gardenhire and are also searching for a second suspect in Monday’s shooting of 35-year-old Naji Fawaz.

 June 26, 2015

Uber is on Fire in Paris — and Not in a Good Way
My only gripe is that the fare was close to double the amount it should have been (but still tres reasonable) because of surge pricing, which means that …

 The Old Answer to Humanity’s Newest Problem: Data
… New York City taxi data–obtained under the Freedom of Information Law from thetaxi and limousine commission–and used it to map the movements …

How Uber Got Into Portland
Former NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission Chairman Matthew Daus and Bloomberg’s Karen Weise discuss the power that Uber wields as it moves …

New York high court: it’s OK for Taxi & Limousine Commissionto require use of Nissan ‘Taxi of …
New York Daily News
The state’s highest court, in a unanimous decision, ruled the Taxi & LimousineCommission did not overstep its authority in 2012 when it ordered …

Top State Court Backs New York City’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’
New York Times
On Thursday, Meera Joshi, the commissioner of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, applauded the court’s decision. “We believe this is a good …

N.Y.C. Taxi Owners Are Denying Benefits to Drivers — The City Council Can Stop Them
Huffington Post
As Bhairavi Desai, the Executive Director of the Taxi Worker Alliance, told me, the owners saw the health and disability fund “as a basis for the union.

June 25,2015

Uber, Lyft and their rivals could see their NYC growth limited
New York Business Journal
New York’s city government won plaudits from app-based car companies earlier this week when the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission …

Uber targets Brooklyn pol’s constituents over bill proposing one-year cap on new black, livery cars
New York Daily News
… customers in his to tell Levin to yank the bill, which has backing from the city Department of Transportation and the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Thousands Of Cab Drivers Clog France’s Roads To Protest Uber
Taxi drivers in France are forming virtual blockades around airports and key train stations Thursday, causing chaos in Paris and other French cities as …

French taxi strike protesters smash up rocker Courtney Love’s cab ‘and take her driver hostage’ as …
Daily Mail
The 50-year-old tweeted a picture of her taxi’s shattered window after it was attacked by cabbies protesting against rival firm Uber. She said: ‘They’ve …

Here’s Another Sign Uber Is On The Road To An IPO
All signs are pointing to an initial public offering for Uber after reports that a major Chinese investment group is leading their latest funding round.

June 24,2015

Citing congestion, city backs limits on car service growth
Capital New York
On Tuesday afternoon, the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission told reporters it is backing City Council legislation that would temporarily limit the …

With Congestion Getting Worse, City Wants to Stem Flood of Uber Licenses
Streetsblog New York (blog)
I think it’s something we all see traveling around the streets of Manhattan,” Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Meera Joshi said on a conference call …

New York Taxi Agency Passes Rules on Price Estimates for Ride-Hailing Apps
New York Times
Livery-cab passengers hailing rides through smartphone apps in New York City will get estimated fares for so-called surge pricing and itemized …

Uber Bans Guns In Its Cars
Huffington Post
An Uber spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that the policy change actually occurred on June 10, a full week before a gunman fatally shot nine …

MADD Urges East Hampton Town to Consider Bringing BackUber
“MADD supports new and emerging technologies which are enabling more … “There are many ways to avoid drinking and driving beyond Uber.”.

Uber is raising even more money in China – and it could signal that an IPO is on the way
Business Insider
The investment firm is purchasing bonds that will later convert into shares. Uber will reportedly earn “hundreds of millions of dollars” through the deal.

Taxis strike looms in Cannes, Uber to blame
Page Six
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is here for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – to press the flesh and to join the non-stop party scene.

June 16, 2015

Luxury One Corp Opens Brand New Facility for Mobileye Technology in Manhattan
Digital Journal
This technology is also highlighted in a new initiative by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission announced in June. This initiative will equip taxis …

New AC transportation rules evoke criticism and support
Press of Atlantic City
… the former head of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. … Opinions concerning the city’s taxis and limousines are equally pointed.

Cab-lifting cop not what she seems on New York street
Autoblog (blog)
Getting a lift from a taxi in New York can be tough. Lifting a taxi is even tougher. Luckily, this actress posing as a cop on the streets of New York had a …

No Smartphone? Now You Can Hail An Uber Via Text Message
TextBer, a project that came out of an Uber hackathon of CodingDojo students, letsUber users without a smartphone hail a car via text.

US airline takes off on mission to become the ‘Uber for private jets’
The Independent
An airline that claims to be the “Uber for private jets” has said it hopes to start operating … Uber now outnumbers traditional yellow taxis in New York.

June 15,2015

Confronting public misconceptions about ridesharing
R Street
But critics like Matthew Daus, former chair of the City of New York’s Taxi andLimousine Commission, claim TNCs lack sufficient safety standards, such …

A pathetic push for taxi justice
New York Post
The first thing almost any New Yorker does after getting in a cab is mute the darned TV. Yet the Taxi and Limousine Commission seems to think the …

Uber’s website was hacked to display an ad for rival company Lyft
Business Insider
A flaw in Uber’s website let a hacker take over a page and do whatever he wanted to it. Thankfully, security researcher Austin Epperson didn’t try to …

Citigroup (C) Seizes 89 New York City Taxi Medallions in Foreclosure
NEW YORK ( TheStreet) — The Supreme Court of the State of New York has ordered seizure of the 89 NYC taxi medallions and vehicles owned by …

Tax Uber as City Hall and the TLC take up the cause to aid the MTA
New York Daily News
It’s a whole new world. The smartphone app-based service’s fleet strength stands at 18,634, compared to 13,587 yellow taxis. And Uber is adding …

The battle between Uber, Lyft and taxis has moved to airports
Washington Post
But getting to a comfortable place in which traditional and alternative taxis … Just this month, the Broward County Commission authorized fines up to …

June 11, 2015

Will New Yorkers Go Cuckoo for KakaoTaxi?
KoreAm Journal
Since Uber and other ride-sharing apps began operations in New York City in 2012, the city and its Taxiand Limousine Commission (TLC) has heard …

Uber Gets Into Credit Cards To Finance Gas For Drivers
To start, Uber announced that it would be financing its eligible drivers to receive … and Mobil-branded stations in Boston, Chicago, New York and Washington, … Uberis partnering with YWCA Metropolitan Chicago in it new program, …

Uber offers helicopter rides to Bonnaroo for $1500
NASHVILLE — If you can spare $1,500, Uber wants to take you to Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in a helicopter. The ride-hailing service is …

June 5, 2015

Uber Ends Service in East Hampton After Town Changes TaxiRules
Uber is popular with New York City residents heading to the Hampton’s beach towns for the summer, spurring what the car service calls a pop-up …

City, courts think they’ll run Uber better than Uber
Crain’s New York Business
No one likes a backseat driver, but Uber has quite a few opining on how it should operate. A state Supreme Court judge ordered city officials to his …

Uber taxis seized in Delhi for running without license
CIO India
“I am not against any App based taxi aggregator. … Ola is being probed by the Competition Commission of India for predatory pricing, which allegedly …

Taxi companies object to Uber’s inroads in market
Westfair Online
The livery and taxi companies in the lawsuit say they have invested … each municipality, and the Westchester County Taxi and Limousine Commission ..

 June 4, 2015

NYC taxis are going high-tech to compete with Uber
Business Insider
Rather than fighting Uber in courts, the Taxi and Limousine Commission has found a new way to go after their high-tech competitors: catching up.

“And a city with Uber will be a more prosperous city,” he said.
Capital New York
… there were more Uber cars than yellow taxis, though taxis still served more passengers, according to the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission.

DMI and Addison Lee Launch Apple Watch App to Make Ordering a Car Service as Simple as 
PR Newswire (press release)
Addison Lee and DMI have been working together for the last couple of years onAddison Lee’s mobile apps which are available in both iOS and …

 June 2, 2015

New York City Wanted to Approve Every Change to Uber’s App. All of Tech Freaked Out.
Slate Magazine (blog)
It’s not rare to see Uber’s New York drivers protesting Uber, so it was notable … While Uber’s frequent sparring matches with New York’s taxi regulators …

Uber taxi app boosts private hire licence bids
Edinburgh Evening News
The multi-billion-pound US company connects passengers to a background-checked driver via a smartphone app, with the firm taking a 20 per cent …

Uber updates privacy policy with the new track feature
The Hoops News
Uber has now introduced a cool new feature in its taxi app. It will help the taxi drivers to reach the users by tracking their location, and pick them up.

Whisk App Brings Secured Payments to Corporate Car Service Industry
Payment Week
As reported last August, Whisk’s mobile app secures city rides from pick up to destination using touch and pay technology. Companies like Whisk …

Judge summons city to Queens for taxi showdown
Crain’s New York Business (blog)
The plaintiffs, a quartet of lenders who finance taxi medallion purchases, … The commissioner of the Taxi and Limousine Commission recently made …

A Deeper Look at Uber’s Dynamic Pricing Model
This confusion is understandable, as Uber’s initial focus was on traditional black-car services. However, since its launch of the low-priced uberX …

This may be Uber’s most controversial move yet
Ride-sharing startup Uber Technologies has reportedly poached 40 of Carnegie Mellon University’s researchers and scientist. Photograph by …

Uber to allow background location tracking in privacy policy update
Starting July 15, ridesharing service Uber will update its privacy policies to allow tracking of a user’s location in the background, the company revealed …

June 1, 2015

Horsemen may hit snag in City Hall getting taxi licenses once carriage ban goes into effect
New York Daily News
A City Council bill that was written and introduced at the mayor’s urging will make it “unlawful to operate a horse-drawn vehicle in the city of New York” …

TLC Eliminates Red Light Fines to Ease the “Unfair” Vision Zero “Burden”
Streetsblog New York (blog)
The Taxi and Limousine Commission has eliminated agency fines for red light camera violations. Until now, a red light camera summons triggered a …

Investigators exclusive: TLC questioned over taxi king’s tax delinquency
A previous Eyewitness News Investigators exclusive revealed that millions of dollars are owed in back taxes by a taxi company owner who is worth a …

Tech champion under fire on plan to regulate Uber apps
Gulf Times
It has already swiped as much as 20% of the car-for-hire business, according to Ira Goldstein, executive director of the Black Car Assistance Corp, …

 May 29, 2015

San Juan Mayor: NYC Cabbie Wouldn’t Take Me to Hotel in Bronx
NBC New York
Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has been visiting New York from Puerto Rico, said she hailed a yellow taxi in Manhattan Wednesday to go to her Bronx hotel.

Uber, Lyft push back against proposed NYC regulations
Las Vegas Sun
Uber drivers and their supporters protest in front of the offices of the Taxi and Limousine Commission in New York, Thursday, May 28, 2015.

Are Taxi Regulators Qualified to Approve App Updates?
Matt Daus, former NYC TLC commissioner, and Gabe Klein, special ventures partner at Fontinalis Partners, discuss the proposed rules by New York …

Uber, city taxi officials clash at public hearing over proposed car service rules
New York Daily News
Uber and city taxi officials got into a head-on collision at a public hearing … Josh Mohrer, Uber NYC’s general manager, told the Daily News before …

Taxi Commission Reassures Uber That Proposed Rules Are Not a Threat to Innovation
New York Times
Opponents have attacked proposed rules aimed at strengthening New York City’s regulation of car-hailing apps, like Uber, calling the measures a …

Uber drivers protest proposed regulations of car-hailing apps
New York Post
Uber drivers protest in front of the offices of the Taxi and Limousine Commission inNew York on Thursday. Photo: AP …

Hail hath no fury like a taxi app-maker scorned
Crain’s New York Business (blog)
The Livery Roundtable, which represents livery base owners, said the proposal would force its members to hire legal representation to ensure …

Taxi interests sue city, predicting collapse of their industry
Crain’s New York Business (blog)
The lenders—Melrose Credit Union, Montauk Credit Union, Progressive Credit Union and LOMTO Federal Credit Union—are seeking a preliminary …

Uber Drivers Protest, TLC Holds a Public Hearing
New York Observer
Uber drivers blocked off a small part of Beaver Street Thursday morning, as they protested the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission’s Proposed FHV …

 May 26, 2015

Uber’s $50 billion valuation propped up by data mining practices
On May 28th, the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) will host a public hearing regarding proposed rules on digital services for …

Hey, Driver: Hang Up the Phone, Turn Off the TV and Step on It
New York Times
That would be VeriFone and Creative Mobile Technologies, which have multiyear contracts, through the Taxi and Limousine Commission, to operate …

Deaths of Math Genius John F. Nash Jr. and Wife Show Need to Use Seatbelts in Back, Experts Say
New York Times
In a survey of passengers in the 2014 Taxicab Factbook released by the city’s Taxi and LimousineCommission, 62 percent of respondents said they …

Cabbie who killed boy claims logistic error to dodge lawsuit
New York Post
The cabbie who mowed down a 9-year-old boy in an Upper West Side crosswalk — sparking a law that clamps down on careless taxi drivers — is …

City government has no business messing with Uber
New York Post
Somehow, the folks at the Taxi & Limousine Commission got the impression they’re now the Taxi, Limousine & Apps Commission. That’s the only …

Uber Seen Testing New Self-Driving Taxis
Risers & Fallers
The app driven taxi company has been testing self-driving cars so they can fulfil their plans to automate rides and eliminate the need for drivers.

Taxi commission helping Uber drivers switch to yellow cabs
New York Business Journal
The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission has quietly begun a pilot program to convert Uber drivers’ cars into yellow taxis, perhaps the …

May 20,2015

Daring Thieves Targeting the Toyota Prius For Its Hybrid Battery
Yahoo Autos (blog)
Now there’s a new hot item for some daring burglars: The battery packs … City streets in New York — the latter of which were all from local taxi fleets.

New Legislation Would Install A Panic Button In Taxis and Ubers
A new piece of legislation [PDF] introduced late last month calls for a panic button to be installed in all New York City taxis, Ubers, and for-hire vehicles …

NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission Proposal Raises Privacy Concerns for Apps
Future of Privacy
On Monday, the Future of Privacy Forum joined with the Bill of Rights Defense Committee/Defending Dissent Foundation, Center for Democracy …

Taxi king cuts deal with Citibank to avoid seizure of medallions
New York Post
Taxi king Gene Freidman — who controls 900 yellow-cab licenses — hatched an 11th-hour deal Tuesday with Citibank to prevent the seizure of his …

Addison Lee: Using API integration to create a truly global taxi service
… service from a new supplier (for example, if it wanted to use Addison Lee in New York, the firm would need to integrate with a taxi firm on the ground …

No, Uber drivers can’t game the ‘surge pricing’ system the way one driver claims
Washington Post (blog)
Uber’s “surge pricing” algorithm is both critical to its success and a huge proverbial target on the company’s back. It is, Uber says, supply and demand …

How Addison Lee, the 40-year-old start up is using innovative tech to quash Uber
Addison Lee is rolling out tablets to all its drivers so they can drive as strategically as black cabs and access apps that provide real-time driver tracking …

 May 19,2015

Uber sends hacking victim new password in plain text email
The taxi app company reportedly took more than 24 hours to respond to the NewYork-based user, who found calls and charges from the UK had …

Taxi Panic Button Proposal Stirs Questions About Safety and False Alarms
New York Times
The back of a taxi has long been a haven for the weary or hurried, offering a … A spokesman for the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, Allan …

Safety concerns prompt push for ‘SOS’ button in NYC cabs
Malay Mail Online
A taxi cab cruises down West 158th Street in New York, May 9, 2015. … A spokesman for the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, Allan Fromberg, …

Uber gets caught up in China’s taxi-driver war
Last week in the central Chinese city of Luoyang, a group of angry taxi … company born of the recent merger of China’s two largest taxi-hailing apps, …

Appeal for taxi driver who saved woman from serious assault
Irish Independent
Gardaí are appealing for witnesses to the assault which they said could have become more serious if a nearby taxi driver had not intervened.

Uber is here to stay, and that’s a good thing
The Globe and Mail
The same sense of futility was in the air when Toronto taxi drivers held a protest against Uber on Thursday. Like the miners, taxi companies see their …

 May 15, 2015

Long Island Man Accused In 2 Bank Robberies In 1 Day
CBS Local
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island man has been arrested in … The cab company provided officers with the taxi’s location and the officers …

DoT asks ISPs to block websites of app-based taxi companies like Uber, TaxiForSure, Ola in Delhi
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: The Department of Telecom (DoT) has issued a letter to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block websites of taxi operators Uber, …

Long Beach allows taxis to lower fares as they compete with Uber, Lyft
Los Angeles Times
In addition to a new name (Yellow Long Beach) and a new Uber-like app … Taxicompanies have become “reluctant participants in one of the great …

Mayor wants more for DOE, Vision Zero in ’16
Queens Chronicle
Traffic safety, flood control in Southeast Queens and some MTA projects have been targeted for spending increases by Mayor de Blasio. But he may …

Uber aims to turn tech world against de Blasio
Crain’s New York Business (blog)
“It’s really a shame, because New York has made such great strides bringing startups here, but policies like this proposed TLC rule will only have the …

NYC Officials Want ‘Veto Authority’ Over Ridesharing Apps
Daily Caller
Noting that up to 42 percent of for-hire-vehicles (FHV’s) in the city can be booked through any one of 75 different smartphone apps, the TLC asserts …

NYC Taxi Commission Under Fire For Seeking to Regulate Uber Apps
JP Updates
Now, the Taxi and Limousine Commission is trying to regulate the app itself. … Meera Joshi, the city’s taxi commissioner, said in a statement that the …

Gett wants to beat Uber for business accounts. Its strategy? Fixed-price rides
On Thursday, the Israeli company, which touts its fixed-price black car … Uber also controversially employs “surge pricing,” a dynamic model that …

Uber’s London Blitz Dents Black-Cab Tradition
May 14 — Uber has set its sights on London’s famous black cab service and fewer recruits are signing up to obtain black-cab licenses and take the …

The Search for the Perfect Yellow for NYC’s Taxi of Tomorrow
Everyday Public
The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) issued an an RFP on behalf of New YorkCity’s Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) for …

Uber-protesting Toronto taxi drivers block streets around city hall
Taxi drivers are blocking traffic around Toronto’s city hall to draw attention to what they say are unfair practices by the ride-sharing company Uber.

London Taxi Company Releases Rainbow Taxi For International Day Against Homophobia and …
Huffington Post
In conjunction with the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia onSunday, May 17, London taxi driver Ian Beetlestone and ad …

 May 14,2015

Uber and Internet Giants Assail New York City’s Plan to Bolster Rules for Car-Hire Apps
New York Times
At issue is a rule, proposed by the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, … Meera Joshi, the city’s taxi commissioner, said in a statement that the …

Yahoo, AOL, eBay sign letter opposing regulation on taxi apps
Crain’s New York Business
A Washington-based lobbying group, the Internet Association, sent a letter to New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission on Thursday. The letter was …

Taxi Trips And Farebox Declines Accelerate Starting June 2014 (TAXI)
Seeking Alpha
Taxi & Limousine Commission data through March 2015 obtained through a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request shows a continued steep …

DOTC now regulates app-based transport services like Uber, GrabTaxi
The Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) has created a new category to allow app-based public utility vehicles and services to …

Uber offers helicopter taxi service in Cannes to beat competition
Uber, the taxi-hailing app, has opened a special helicopter service in an attempt to beat fierce competition ferrying stars to and from the Cannes Film …

Nissan NV200 – New York’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow
Everyday Public
New York’s Taxi & Limousine Commission (T&LC) approved new rules Thursday that make it likely that the city’s endlessly controversial “Taxi of …

Uber’s Pioneering Business Model Is Under Attack in the Courtroom
National Review Online
In the absence of this leverage, the drivers would be locked in and the relationship would be more like that between New York City taxi drivers and …

May 13, 2015

Uber’s last funding rounds focused on India, China: Asia head
Financial Express
App-based taxi aggregator Uber has raised a total of about USD 2.8 billion in its last couple of funding rounds which will primarily be used for …

Advocates want more wheelchair-accessible taxi services
Belleville News-Democrat
Under current plans, half of the city’s nearly 14,000 yellow taxis will be handicapped-accessible by 2020. The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission …

TLC to expand accessible ride service
Capital New York
The Taxi and Limousine Commission is looking to expand its accessible taxi dispatch service to the outer boroughs. In a request for vendor proposals …

Uber plan not good for Clark County, officials say
“This has nothing to do with the taxi industry exerting its muscle,” Clark CountyCommission Chair Steve Sisolak told News 3 Monday. “This has to do …

Surge pricing: Uber may be worth $50 billion
The ride sharing app is reportedly raising another round of financing that would make it more valuable than most of the companies in the S&P 500.

Here’s how Uber could stand in way of a Fed rate hike
According to the New York Times the average price of a New York City taximedallion had fallen to $872,000 in October, down 17 % from a peak …

The View from the Front Seat of the Google Self-Driving Car
If you spend enough time on the road, accidents will happen whether you’re in a caror a self-driving car. Over the 6 years since we started the project, …

 May 12, 2015

Co-op Cabs launches campaign questioning UberX safety
CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News
Toronto taxi firm Co-op cabs launched a campaign against ridesharing and car hireapp Uber Monday, asking female users to question the app’s …

How Uber’s Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs And Reshape The Economy by 2025
CBS SF Bay Area
Autonomous cars will be commonplace by 2025 and have a near monopoly by 2030, and the sweeping change they bring will eclipse every other innovation our society has experienced.

Driver With Uber Sign In Window Sexually Assaulted Woman In Manhattan
… bank and hadn’t used the taxi app before, so she didn’t know that Uber cars … according to a spokesman for the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

 No Right-of-Way Charge for Cab Driver Who Killed Senior in UES Crosswalk
Streetsblog New York (blog)
Drivers of vehicles licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission have killed at least five pedestrians since March, according to crash data …

1 Hurt After Taxi Jumps Curb in Midtown, Slams Into Bus Stop Shelter: FDNY
New York
One person was hurt after a yellow cab jumped a curb in midtown Tuesday morning and slammed into a bus stop shelter, fire officials say. The cab …

A tale of two Uber responses to transit crisis in NYC and DC; $2.75 vs. $34.18
Thanks to surge pricing, far more folks got to work on time than would have otherwise. And isn’t that worth $30 or $40? You can make that case.

Uber, but for GOP Hypocrisy
Daily Beast
Rick Jones expressed concern about surge pricing; Michigan Daily reported that the state’s taxicab drivers think it’s unfair that Uber can charge extra …

Robber arrested after chase with taxi cab driver, dropping money in French Quarter
WDSU New Orleans
The NOPD said Bradley left the area on foot, but was followed by a taxi cab driver who witnessed the robbery. He chased after Bradley, who began …

Uber Tests Cash Payments For Taxi Rides In India
Uber is testing cash payments in India as the online taxi-hailing company seeks a stronger foothold in a country where many fewer people have credit ..

 May 11, 2015

Taxi drivers discover Uber loophole, scam the system
According to an Uber taxi customer Brian Joseph, when his Uber driver came to pick him up, they offered to cancel the trip on the Uber app, and told …

 Uber Plans to Buy Google Maps’ Major Competitor for $3 Billion
Capital Wired
According to sources familiar to the matter, Uber, the taxi app firm that allows its customers to book a taxi from their smartphones, plans to make a huge …

Mexico City could be the next to ban Uber
Uber and other taxi apps, such as Cabify, all but eliminate that danger by … They launched this lawsuitagainst the app complaining that it’s pirating …

City unveils new Vision Zero television advertisements
A still from “Cautious,” the second television advertisement in the city’s Vision Zeroawareness campaign aimed to address hazards of reckless driving.

Woman hit, killed by taxi in Midtown as shoppers watched: officials
New York Daily News
The Miami woman was thrown over the taxi and ended up crumpled on the road … A spokesman for the city Taxi and Limousine Commission said the …

How To Solve The Uber vs Taxi Conflict? Medallion Reform
It’s easy to label taxi drivers’ resistance to ridesharing companies as just a bunch of people trying to stop progress. This is, after all, what they are doing …

What happens when Metro’s down? $34 for a three-mile Uber ride.
Washington Post
Uber’s price model is based off surge pricing — a tactic that has proven controversial during emergencies, with many saying it’s simply a form of price …

After raiding Uber office, Guangzhou authorities set to launch city-backed rival app
Tech in Asia
Last week, authorities in Guangzhou raided Uber’s local offices and accused it of operating an illegal taxi business. Small-scale crackdowns are …

 May 8, 2015

Metropolitan Taxicab Board Of Trade Endorses Move NY, Citing Acute Need To Reduce 
PR Newswire (press release)
QUEENS, N.Y., May 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade (MTBOT), New York City’s largest yellow taxicab advocacy …

New York taxi driver jailed over Pakistan murders
The Rakyat Post
A New York cab driver was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for ordering a double murder in Pakistan after his daughter fled a loveless, …

Driver In Uber-Affiliated Car Kills 12-Year-Old Boy In Harlem
Taxi and Limousine Commission spokesperson Allan Fromberg told Capital New York that the car was affiliated to an Uber base, but Uber has not …

TLC, City Council look to update regulations for livery and taxi drivers
WPIX – Top Trending Video
TLC, City Council look to update regulations for livery and taxi drivers. … look to update regulations for livery and taxi drivers. Source: WPIX – New York.

 Ocean City Tweaks Taxi Regs, Adds Category For Uber
The Dispatch
It also adds provisions for voluntary deactivation and reactivation of taxi … The PoliceCommission began discussions over Uber in February when City …

 Uber Surged Big-Time During Wednesday’s BART Delays
It’s your daily reminder that, as PC World reports, Uber’s surge pricing has earned them an “F” grade from the Better Business Bureau. At the risk of …

Uber Joins the Bidding for Here, Nokia’s Digital Mapping Service
New York Times
Uber is best known for allowing people to book a taxi through its … of dollars each year to update its maps that span from New York to New Delhi. Here …

Impact of Ride Sharing on Yellow Taxis in NYC
Austin Krauza
Preview: Impact of Ride Sharing on Yellow Taxis in NYC Earlier this year, I filed a FOIA request with theNew York City Taxi and Limousine …

 May 7, 2015

12-year-old struck and killed by Uber-affiliated car
Capital New York
Allan Fromberg, a Taxi and Limousine Commission spokesman, said the vehicle that struck Secundino was affiliated with an Uber base. “The car is …

 Uber Took Nearly a Week to Give Police Name of Sexually Harassing Driver
On April 30, a 31-year-old New York woman took an Uber home around 2:30 a.m. … The driver-partner in question was licensed by the New York Taxi …

 Transport: UberX ups ante on local taxi industry, cutting fares 15 per cent
The Age
Disruptive hire car business Uber will drop its fares by 15 per cent from Friday, ambushing the local taxi industry in an aggressive bid to lure more …

 Why the taxi industry shouldn’t be Uber-confident
The Star
Recently five colleagues and I participated in the IBM Brussels Smarter Cities Challenge. The objective of the challenge was to help local government solve mobility issues…


May 6,2015

Uber moving into black communities
Boston Herald
“Traditionally, cab companies have not wanted to pick up people of color, and not fully served communities of color in terms of timeliness or even …

Is Technology The Taxi Industry’s Lifeline?
But not everyone welcomes that competition — especially the Cab Drivers United organization in Chicago who fear the city’s addition of an app will be …

Uber filing for taxi licence in Toronto
CTV News
Uber Canada says it will officially file for a Toronto taxi brokerage licence … a taxi, private car or rideshare through the company’s GPS-enabled app.

Motor vehicles remain the leading cause of injury death for NYC children, study shows
“Motor vehicle-related deaths lead child injury deaths in New York City, and this report supports the ongoing efforts of Vision Zero to create safer …

County commission passes resolution supporting strict regulatations for Uber
Las Vegas Sun
The rules in the commission’s resolution are similar to what taxi cab companies have argued for at the Legislature, contending that Uber should not be …

GetTaxi to launch in New York
UK news
Cab app GetTaxi has launched in New York following a $12million (£7.7million) investment. The chunk of money, provided by European fund Kreos.

Uber drivers rally against regulations as company grows in N.J.
Josh Mohrer, the general manager for Uber’s New York City office, said that the … Some in the taxi and limousine industry have said the legislation is …


May 5, 2015

Where Do Electric Vehicles Fit Into de Blasio’s OneNYC?
The Cheat Sheet
Any visitor to New York may logically wonder how such a feat will be … Still, reports indicate that changing 4,000 New York City taxis to plug-in EVs …

CBS2: Uber Driver Accused Of Assault Still Has TLC License
CBS Local
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An Uber driver accused of touching a … still has hisTaxi and Limousine Commission license, CBS2 has learned….

How does Uber really stack up against traditional taxis?
Uber uses something called “surge pricing.” It’s a secret formula that bumps up prices when demand is high and nobody knows when prices will …

Uber competitors launch designated driver app
Next week in Beijing, Kuaidi Dache and Didi Dache, the popular taxi hailing app companies, will be launching a designated driver service to rival Uber …

Uber Driver Injured By Passenger In Attack Sues For Workers Comp
Abdo Ghazi filed the lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court on April 28, seeking workers compensationinsurance coverage from Uber Technologies.

Taxi lenders say NYC inflates medallion prices
New York Post
The city has been inflating medallion prices while letting smartphone apps illegally poach yellow cabs’ business, taxi lenders charge in a letter to the …

New ‘Vision Zero’ Ad Showcasing Dangerous Driving Behavior Debuts
CBS Local
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New ads are debuting as part of the city’s “VisionZero” campaign aimed to raise awareness of dangerous behavior on …

Newspaper deliveryman killed in crash with taxi
New York Post
They told me a taxi, and I said no way did a taxi pick up a truck. … A spokesman for the Taxi and Limousine Commission said the cab driver has been …

April 14,2015

Airport Outlaws: Why Deregulation of Ground Transportation Is Not the Answer 
Virtual Press Office
Amid pressure from ride-hailing services such as Lyft, Sidecar and Uber, as well as from outside media sources, Los Angeles legislators are considering a repeal of airport regulations that will…

This Startup Plans to Sell Advertising in Uber and Lyft Cars 
As ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft gain national traction, many have speculated about how brands will tap into the transportation companies’ advertising potential. Already, marketers like…

Taxis vs. Uber: How economic illogic is taking passengers for a ride 
The Globe and Mail
Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine what would happen if a municipal government set up a licensing system for restaurants, but with the express purpose of artifically limiting the number…

Addison Lee’s CEO told us how Uber is hurting his business and what he’s doing about it
Business Insider
It has been a rough few months for Liam Griffin, the CEO of Addison Lee, London’s big private-hire taxi firm which is battling against the Uber invasion…

Is Uber Really Cheaper Than Taxi? 
Business Insider
Uber cars offer a better price than taxis in many cities, but they don’t always charge the same rate in each location. In times of high demand Uber initiates surge pricing – you are charged the...

 April 6, 2015

Taxi medallion lender threatens lawsuit over Uber’s ‘illegal’ hails
New York Post
A taxicab medallion lender claims Uber’s electronic hails are illegal and sent letters to the TLC and Mayor de Blasio threatening a suit if the city doesn’t act…  

Uber to EU: We’re “Not a Transport Company” 
Uber filed a complaint against Spain with European Union regulators this week, charging that the country violated E.U. laws by banning some of Uber’s services, The Wall Street Journal reported…

Cop in Viral Uber Rant Video Apologizes, Says Emotions Got the Better of Him 
NBC 4 New York
The NYPD detective seen on video screaming and cursing at an Uber driver in a roadside tirade earlier this week apologized Friday for his actions, telling NBC 4 New York in an exclusive interview that he hopes to buy the driver dinner…

Uber is hiring its first chief security officer. Why didn’t it have one before? 
Washington Post
The ride-hailing company is quickly becoming known as an aggressive recruiter, and Sullivan is a big get: He got his digital start as a Department of Justice prosecutor focused on computer…

April 2, 2015

For New York Taxis, “Tomorrow” May Be a Long Way Away
Next City
The New York State Court of Appeals halted a deal to set a standard car for New York City taxi drivers this week. According to the New York Times…

Yellow taxi owners, drivers sue TLC over Uber
The yellow cab industry, whose business is being targeted by Uber in New York City, is accusing the Taxi and Limousine Commission of allowing its tech-savvy rival to skirt rules…

Uber and Auto Insurance: Regulators Weigh In
The Wall Street Journal
State regulators are shining a spotlight on the potential insurance gaps associated with ride-sharing operations such as Uber and Lyft—even as some insurers are rolling out new policies intended to fill the gaps…

Doublespeak in the New Economy 
The New York Times
Lyft claims not to be a car service. It wants to be “your friend with a car.” The “rules of the road” it gives drivers are really more like pleasant suggestions…

March 31, 2015

So What if New York Has More Ubers Than Taxis?
In New York, where all things taxi-related are at minimum somewhat controversial, the Post report was explosive. Yellow cabs are more than a staple of New York’s transportation ecosystem…

TLC Will Use Emotional Short Film To Encourage Cabbies To Slow Down
The Gothamist
Tonight the Taxi and Limousine Commission, in conjunction with Families for Safe Streets, will debut “Drive Like Your Family Lives Here,” a fifteen minute film featuring five families sharing their stories of loss caused by traffic fatalities…

TLC Shutdown of Uber bases called ‘toothless’
Crain’s NY Business
The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission Tuesday took its biggest swing yet at Uber, getting an administrative tribunal to suspend five of the company’s six service bases and issue each of them…

Uber And Lyft May Have To Submit Even More Data To The Taxi And Limousine Commission 
Buzz Feed News
The trip records Uber fought hard to keep out of the hands of New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission may require a bit more detail if a piece of legislation New York City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez is introducing Tuesday goes through…

March 24,2015

How to Spot a Fake NYC Cab
My Fox NY
The Taxi and Limousine Commission is keeping an eye out for at least three vehicles roaming the streets of New York City that look like taxis but are actually fake cabs…

NYC taxi industry to propose cap on Uber
USA Today
New York City’s taxi industry is gearing up to propose a cap on for-hire-vehicles as the number of Uber cars outpaces yellow taxis for the first time…


March 20, 2015

Council Speaker Is Open to New Congestion Pricing Plan
The Observer
Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is open to a new congestion pricing plan that would place tolls on the East River bridges, though she stopped short of a full endorsement of the proposal…

March 18, 2015

MTA’s 2015 Toll and Fare Hikes: What You Need to know
SI Live
Tolls on Metropolitan Transportation Authority bridges, buses, tunnels and subways will rise on 2 a.m., Sunday, March 22. Here’s what you need to know about the hikes…

Study: Nearly Half Of Pedestrians Distracted While Crossing Busy Manhattan Intersections
CBS New York
New York City is a busy place, and one new study says it’s so busy that just under half of pedestrians are paying more attention to their smartphones than to where they’re walking…

This App Tells You When Uber Is Cheaper Than A Yellow Cab
Huffington Post
Getting around New York City is expensive (as are most things in New York City). A new app is coming in to help you save a few bucks on your commute…

Google Wants Self-Drive Cars by 2020
BBC News
The director of Google’s self-drive car project has revealed his motivation for ensuring that the technology is standard on roads within five years…


March 10, 2015

Gett, The Uber Without Surge Pricing, Cuts Ride Fars in NYC
Gett, an international Uber competitor who is making a big push in NYC, has today reduced fixed and predictable pricing by up to 25 percent, aiming to compete more squarely with Uber’s…

Uber: The Spy Who Doesn’t Love Us

Chauffeur Driven
It’s about time that the arrogance and Wild West approach of Uber is facing the appropriate criticism. This turn of events in the media started with the Washington Post’s report that Uber had an employee allegedly share what’s called “God View,”…

Uber Urges City Drivers to Pick Up Illegal Fares in Hamptons

The NY Post
ber bosses routinely encourage drivers to make illegal pickups in the Hamptons by enticing them with the promise of “higher earnings” and “double NYC” rates, The Post has learned…

Safety Advocates Want Harsher Penalties for New York’s Drivers
The New York Times
A year after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his Vision Zero plan to eliminate traffic deaths, safety advocates are calling for increased prosecution of drivers who violate traffic laws…

February 13,2015

New York City to Require Taxi Courses for Black-Car Drivers
Bloomberg Business
Rules set to take effect next month will require drivers of New York City black cars like the one that crashed and killed CBS News correspondent Bob Simon to pass a course on taxi regulations..

January 30, 2015

Uber put a big dent in the limo industry. Here’s how companies are fighting back

The Washington Post

Global Express Limousine thought its troubles were over when the U.S. economy emerged from recession in 2009. Then a wholly different maelstrom hit the 26-year-old business: the rise of…

November 21, 2013

The Hailo Founder’s Story – Know Your Market, Your Customers …
Hailo has raised over $50 million in funding from investment moguls like Richard Branson, expanded into sixteen major cities, and there is a Hailo booking every …

Quarter of e-hails from senior citizens
New York Daily News
There were some concerns by TLC commissioners that older city residents who are less plugged-in than younger New Yorkers might be left at the curb – but that …

Cabbies slam TLC over health care fee
New York Daily News
A handful of cabbies delivered petitions with about 2,000 signatures to Taxiand … “The health care fund provides taxi drivers a package of benefits that’s far and …

Electronic hailing for city cabs approved by SFMTA board
San Francisco Examiner
A smartphone hailing system for taxis across The City got the OK from San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board members Tuesday, to the chagrin …

NY tech frets over Bill de Blasio
Crain’s New York Business
The New York tech community wonders what Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio will do for … companies that threaten to upend New York’s hotel and taxiestablishment, …

November 20, 2013

NEWS: Uber files formal petition, PUC to re-examine $40 charge
The petition, issued Friday, asks the PUC to re-open proceedings about a new $40 minimum base fare that would be applied to all non-taxi car service trips …

Cabbie is ‘perfect match’ for his taxi
It’s said that some people end up looking like their pets or their partners – but Dubai taxi passengers think cabbie Khidmat Khan sports more than a resemblance …

LaGuardia Airport to get $37M in anti-flood aid
Planes taxi on runways at LaGuardia Airport, Monday, Sept. … NEW YORK– New York’s LaGuardia Airport is set to receive $37.5 million in federal and state …

Bangkok’s taxis earn ranking for value though not safety
The Nation
New York City and Bangkok taxis tied in terms of value for money (20 per cent) though interestingly the latter didn’t quite make the overall top five this year.

Analysis: As market bubbles form, investors may want to take cover
Chicago Tribune
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Five years of rapid-fire money printing at the U.S. … At a New York auction last week, taxi medallions sold for more than $1 million, about …

Big Apple taxis to speak Spanish
Canadian Manufacturing
NEW YORK, NY—Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT), LLC has launched an in-taxi Spanish-language translation technology for drivers of New York City’s …

The taxi industry wants a friendly commissioner. Will de Blasio oblige?
Capital New York
The Greater New York Taxi Association, which has opposed both the borough taxi and Taxi ofTomorrow programs, is said to be pushing its own attorney Fidel …

A Bloomberg taxi-commission ally stalls her reappointment
Capital New York
A Bloomberg taxi-commission ally stalls her reappointment … Iris Weinshall to the Taxi and Limousine Commission has been foiled … by Iris Weinshall. “I pulled …



November 13, 2013

Green cabs a hit with outer-borough residents
New York Post
More than 1,000 of the apple-colored outer borough cabs are up and running on the streets of New York — offering New Yorkers nearly 300,000 rides since the …

Cabbies call for concrete barriers on Hutch
New York Daily News
Scene on the Hutchinson Parkway near the Orchard Beach exit, where an SUV traveling north jumped the guard rail and hit a livery cab, killing cabbie Ata …

‘Green cabs’ a success? Hail yes!
New York Daily News
It’s good for yellow cabs, it’s good for green cabs . . . and it’s good for the people of New York,” said Bloomberg in front of cheering livery drivers and top Taxi …

Mayor Bloomberg Hails Green Taxis, But The Program’s Future 
New York Daily News (blog)
He refused to speculate on what will happen when de Blasio – who joined with yellow taxi cabmedallion owners to sue and try and stop the program – takes …

Taxis raising money nationally to fight UberX, Lyft and SideCar
San Francisco Business Times (blog)
Taxi cab companies from around the nation are working to collectively raise a significant amount of money to fight startups such as UberX, Lyft and SideCar, …

Hailo adds Foursquare-powered Places to its iOS and Android apps
Hailo had added an important feature to its iOS and Android apps to differentiate it from the incoming tide of competitors like Uber and local cab companies like …

Suggest Boro Taxi Stands On This New City Website So We Never 
In a joint release with the Taxi and Limousine Commission, Mayor Bloomberg said that more than 1,000 mint green passengers are now trawling the streets of …

NYTWA to deBlasio on Street Hail Liveries | New York Taxi Workers 
For Immediate Release: November 12, 2013. For more information, please contact: nytwa1@aol.comor …

October 17, 2013

SFMTA approves restrictions on taxi medallions
San Francisco Examiner
Vocal city cab drivers clapped, cheered and gave the rare “thank you” to San … The item on medallions — permits that allow a cab to operate — had been an …

Man who leases taxi medallions to cabbies charged with forgery
The investigation by the two city agencies started after the Taxi & Limousine Commission in February 2012 directed taxi agents and businesses to produce …

Bhairavi Desai and New York City Taxi Wars
In reality, the tax for all NYC cab drivers is a six cent per fare tax that wont go … Owners (LOMTO) said: “The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission is at …

Outer-borough cabs a concern to some
Queens Chronicle
Erica Leyva, an external affairs analyst for the Taxi and Limousine Commission, explained the plan to members of Community Board 6 at its meeting last …

CB6 Meets, Talks TLC And Traffic Concerns
Western Queens Gazette
Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) External Affairs Analyst Erica Leyva spoke about the five borough taxi plan in which the TLC plans to put yellow taxis …

Ridgewood Times Newsweekly
In addition, 20 percent of the medallions sold will allow for handicap accessible vehicles—a move intended to take some strain off the city’s Access-A-Ride …

In ever more cities, smartphone apps are reshaping the taxi market
The Economist
Hailo, founded in London by cabbies and techies three years ago, says 60% of the city’s black-cab drivers are now on its books. Several cabs are decked out in …

Basu: Taxi business provides opportunity for Somali refugees to
He’s been driving a taxi for three years in Des Moines. He does the 6 … In New York, Koreans found their way into the retail fruit and vegetable business. Indians …

 Forest Hills, Rego Park Residents Air Complaints About Green Taxis
The Forum Newsgroup
Erika Leyva of New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission said that Community Board 6 has so far had 6,317 street hail pickups, “which is a lot of pickups.”.

September 12, 2013

Nissan e-NV200 electric taxi debuts in Frankfurt
Torque News
The NV200 itself has already become a popular taxi cab platform, thanks largely to Nissan’s work with New York City in the Taxi of Tomorrow project

DC Taxi Commission Chairman Says FTC’s Criticism Is Wrong but (blog)
Ron Linton hits back in favor of taxi and sedan regulation. But problems persist, such as continued delays in credit card implementation. By Benjamin Freed.

Yellow cabbie tickets up 7300% in 4 years
New York Daily News
Using in-cab technology and computerized records, the TLC in fiscal year 2013 issued … It could take up to 18 months for a TLC staffer to call a complainant.

Bill Would Require Safety Features In California Limos
Insurance Journal
Limousines that operate in California would be required to have emergency exits under legislation approved by the state Assembly in the wake of several …

Is the DC Taxicab Commission Risking Trouble With the Federal (blog)
An op-ed by a Federal Trade Commission member about DC’s newest taxi … types of vehicles can serve as hired sedans, the DC Taxicab Commission received …

August 21, 2013

TLC Warns Of Renegade Apple Green Taxis Operating Without 
CBS Local NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Taxi and Limousine Commission is planning to crack down on apple green cab imposters who are trying to cheat the system.

After recent attacks, safety tips on hailing a taxi
Boston Globe
Or the bars have just closed, and a half-dozen taxis, their seats already … operates in Boston, New York, London, and Hong Kong, said people hailing a taxi from …

Mobile payments available in NYC taxis
Mobile Commerce Press
VeriFone, one of the two organizations through which New York City taxisprocess credit card transactions to pay for rider fares (the other being Creative Media …

Taxi Commission Targets Apple-Green Impostor Cabs
New York Times
For decades, New York City taxi-hailing has come in only one color — a yellow so indelible that other cabs were forbidden to adopt its eye-catching tones.

Powering the Future: New York City’s taxi of the future
CBS News
The city-run program is to see if New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan of having one-third of the taxi fleet be electric by 2020 is actually feasible.

D.C. City Government Hates Consumers – Bans Cheap UberX Rides
Reason (blog)
Now comes the D.C. Taxi Commission (DCTC) which has just banned the new UberX service from the fantastic, absurdly easy-to-use cellphone-activated car …

July 16, 2013

Call for women-only `pink cabs’
Gold Coast Bulletin News
Sexual Violence prevention advocates are pushing for a women’s-only Pink Cabs system to start on the Gold Coast, following the lead of ‘pink taxis’ in Warrington in north-west England, which provides safe transport for women. Pic: AFP. THE Gold Coast …

Thompson says Weiner must be ignorant about Bloomberg’s outer-borough taxi …
Capital New York
Some big livery car companies and basically all of the big taxi fleets bitterly oppose the plan because they think it will either make livery cars unavailable for regular, pre-arranged service, or because, in the case of the yellow cabs, they fear any …

Thompson, Weiner Spar Over Outer-Borough Taxis
Wall Street Journal
Mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson sought to lay out his differences with rival Anthony Weiner over the city’s nascent outer- borough taxi program during a conference call with reporters on Friday. His main point was simple: Mr. Weiner doesn’t know what he …

Uber Confirms It is Talking to Investors
Wall Street Journal
A large war chest will be critical, as Uber continues its aggressive push abroad, particularly in Asia, and tussles with local regulators and taxi unions, which have tried to hobble its expansion plans. More money could also help the service compete …

Where Car Is King, Smartphones May Cut Traffic
New York Times
At the end of a night of drinking recently, rather than hailing a cab, Trisha DiFazio tapped an app called Lyft on her phone to summon a ride. Minutes later, a graduate student moonlighting as a driver pulled up in a Toyota S.U.V. with Lyft’s signature …

July 12, 2013

Fight Over ‘Bandit’ Taxis Returns To Downtown LA
CBS Local
Fight Over ‘Bandit’ Taxis Returns To Downtown LA. July 9, 2013 9:53 AM. View Comments. Members of the taxi cab industry are taking aim at firms like Uber, which offer ride-share services as an alternative to traditional cab fares. (credit: UBER) …

New Start-Up Generates 600,00 calls & £3.1 Million in Confirmed Cab Bookings …
ResponseSource (press release)
A self-funded start-up is quietly making waves in the minicab and taxi booking market. Fare Exchange directs those looking for cabs to local firms, sending the taxi company in question the call. Its unique system has generated more than £3.1 million …

Lower-cost UberX taxi service comes to London with professional drivers, not …
The Next Web
You’re probably well aware of the Uber luxury car service that has been available in New York, London and a number of other cities progressively since 2010, but today the company launched its less flashy service, UberX, in London following its …

No, Ride-Sharing Is Not the Death of Public Transportation
The Atlantic Cities
In one study from years back, Bruce Schaller, a former policy director for the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York City, modeled cab use in 118 U.S. cities and found that two of the most significant predicators of taxi demand were subway …

‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ – More Than One | Fleets and
The NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission has proposed amendments to its complicated and much sued-over regulation to allow other hybrids and alternative fuel …

July 9, 2013

Demand For More Timely Workers’ Compensation Information Soars (press release)
New York, NY ( – More workers’ compensation professionals are turning to social media to stay abreast of the constantly changing and increasingly complex workers’ compensation market. In less than five years, the Work Comp …

Uber Fights the Taxi Industry in Los Angeles
Mother Jones
Then again, sometimes it is, and the rules against Uber and its competitors are pretty obviously the latter. California’s big cities should get the message and do what’s right for their residents, not the taxi lobbyists who donate to their reelection …

Taxi service Uber under fire for Toronto storm pricing
Uber Toronto’s representative on Twitter spent a few hours attempting to deflect critics with the explanation that its taxi option pricing remained the same as usual — and the surge only applied to its luxury vehicles. @shankell @advera We surge to …

Soon, women-friendly taxis to hit roads in Kozhikode
Times of India
The project will start with 25 vehicles and the women-only taxi cab system will have unique features to provide for refreshment and entertainmentt of travellers. A separate website and mobile number will also be created for enabling online/SMS …

Guest: Pass clearer rules for new ride services like uberX, Sidecar
The Seattle Times
We applaud the City Council’s Taxi, For-Hire and Limousine Regulations Committee for working to adapt the rules. The solutions are straightforward: Streamline licensing for commercial transportation providers, and abolish protectionist measures that …

CA Public Utilities Commission to weigh in on ride-sharing services (Poll)
89.3 KPCC
Sidecar, Lyft, and Uber are internet-based, taxi-alternative services that connect people trying to get somewhere with a car and driver. The California Public Utilities Commission has been studying these services and how to regulate them and could …

Digital taxi dispatch service Hailo launches with DCTC approval
Elevation D.C.
In the land of Ubers and myTaxis, it is the first service of its kind to be officially approved by the D.C. Taxicab Commission. “Our approach is to work through the proper channels,” explains Kevin Hatfield, vice president of Hailo U.S. “There have …

New DC Taxi-Hailing App Hailo Officially Launches Today
In The Capital
… prior to their launch and went through great lengths to ensure compliance with city regulations, collaboration with the now notorious D.C. Taxi Commission to onboard drivers, and created a firm relationship with various councilmembers and D.C …

HAILO Launches ehail in D.C. in Partnership with DCTC WSPA
HAILO Launches ehail in D.C. in Partnership with DCTC WSPA … Hailo the world’s biggest taxi app launched today in Washington D.C. putting thousands of …

June 20, 2013

Taxi Magic Gets Rolling in NYC
The Epoch Times
NEW YORK—Three apps are letting New Yorkers hail yellow taxis in just a few touches on their smartphone screens. Taxi Magic, Uber, and Hailo have been certified to accept e-hails by the city’sTaxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). The apps have been …

“Taxi Of Tomorrow” Vote Could Light Fire Under Fleet
“Starting in October taxi owners will be able to buy either this, the taxi of tomorrow vehicle or a hybrid option, as long as the hybrid is reasonably spacious so that its got enough room to be a taxi,” said TLC Commissioner David Yassky. “What they’re …

At Forum, Mayoral Candidates Back Bus Lanes, Shy Away From Funding
Streetsblog New York (blog)
Anthony Weiner did not discuss funding mechanisms for transit investment. In his question to the candidates, Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Paul Steely White noted that bike-share and bike lanes enjoy higher approval ratings than the …

Select Bus Service Gets High Praise At Mayoral Candidates’ Transit Forum
Subway and buses are what moves most New Yorkers, and the candidates for mayor, including former MTA Chairman Joe Lhota, held a forum solely on the topic on Tuesday in Baruch College in Manhattan. NY1’s Transit reporter Jose Martinez filed the …

Lhota’s solution to car congestion: subway terminus park-and-rides
Capital New York
Former M.T.A. chairman Joe Lhota has a solution to the problem of congestion in New York City’s central business district: parking lots at the terminus of every subway line. “It’s real simple,” Lhota told reporters, after raising the idea during a …

Dems toe Bloomberg transit line
Crain’s New York Business (blog)
And none of them are too impressed with the so-called “Taxi of Tomorrow.” … He also referred to his past comment about ripping out bike lanes, which appeared in a New York Times story, as a “clever joke” that he has since walked back. “I consider …


June 19, 2013

We Like Buses, but Not the TLC, say NYC Mayoral Candidates
WNYC (blog)
Although not present at Wednesday’s debate, that same day Bill de Blasio released a policy book in which he calls for 20 new SBS lines. Chris Quinn is also a big SBS aficionado. Joe Lhota, the former head of the MTA, also wants mayoral control of the …

Why one company has a leg up on Uber in D.C.’s mobile payments battle
Washington Business Journal (blog)
On one hand, you have the upstarts — the “rogue” apps, those companies that allow a rider to hail acab and pay a fare entirely through a mobile device. Uber’s Taxi service is the best known of them. Those app makers would see a key part of their …

Uber Faces Uphill Battle To Control Taxis In China
American taxi service application Uber reportedly is seeking to fill several new job positions in Asia Pacific cities such as Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Bangalore, representing the company’s intention to vigorously expand into …

The London black cab ordering app GetTaxi launches new service
GetTaxi, the black cab ordering app, has launched a brand new service where passengers can book black cabs to the airport and take advantage of fixed fares.


June 5, 2013

Uber, mytaxi and the D.C. cab industry’s looming technical battle
Washington Business Journal (blog)
Mytaxi has never been quite as loud, quite as bellicose as Uber in its dealings with the D.C. Taxicab Commission. But the German e-hailing company — which began service in the District in October — came out swinging Friday against regulations that …

Apps to ease taxi frustrations creating their own problems
People’s Daily Online
People can also book a cab through the dispatch centers of the government-owned taxi companies, some of which recently reinstated a 4 yuan charge for booking to cover dispatch costs. But many passengers prefer the mobile phone apps because the …

In New York, cab licences are a better investment than gold
Globe and Mail
Mr. Murstein is president of Medallion Financial Corp., a publicly listed taxi-lending specialist with $1.2-billion in assets under management. Its roots go back to the 1930s, when New York first began issuing taxi medallions – metal plates fastened to…


May 29, 2013

How exactly would Mike Bloomberg “f**king destroy” – Yahoo! Finance
From Yahoo! Finance: New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg told the head of a taxicab fleet that he plans to “fucking destroy” the city’s taxi industry when he …

Shanghai is Latest Chinese City to Focus on Taxi-Finding Apps
By Kaylene Hong
The head of the Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority says that it is illegal for taxi drivers to charge premiums in taxi-finding smartphone apps.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Accused of Blackmail in Taxi …
(NEW YORK) — This is the case of the F-bomb that’s landed New York City’s mayor in federal court. One of the leaders of the Big Apple’s taxi industry filed suit …

Why does Kenya lead the world in mobile money?
The Economist (blog)
PAYING for a taxi ride using your mobile phone is easier in Nairobi than it is in New York, thanks to Kenya’s world-leading mobile-money system, M-PESA. Launched in 2007 by Safaricom, the country’s largest mobile-network operator, it is now used by …

Mobility: A right, not a privilege
New York Daily News
Why on Earth is New York City locking into a single vehicle for the entire 13,000-plustaxi fleet? Doesn’t a city that prides itself on competition understand the value of choice and innovation? I remember my cell phone from a decade ago: No Internet …

With New Investment, Lyft Valued at $275 Million
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Founded in San Francisco in 2009, rival Uber was an early pioneer of the rides-on-demand, connecting black car drivers with consumers via mobile apps. Since then, Uber has expanded swiftly, moving into scores of cities in the U.S. and abroad. But ..

Taxi Fleet Owner Files Complaint Against Bloomberg
New York Times
He took control of New York City’s public schools. Got smoking banned from bars and restaurants. Even the specter of term limits was not too daunting a barrier for him to make a third run at New York City’s highest office.


May 22, 2013

NJ motorists should pay by the mile? That’s the proposal by one state senator
TRENTON — Like a cab driver who sets fares based on distance traveled, one state senator thinks New Jersey should charge motorists by the mile. Instead of having vehicle owners pay a gas tax, state Sen. Jim Whelan (D-Atlantic) would like to see them …

Anti-Innovation Regulation Makes DC Uber Angry
Somewhat Reasonable – Heartland Institute (blog)
In December 2012, the DC City Council passed legislation that would allow Uber to operate in the capital city without intervention from unelected regulators, but they are now facing opposition from the DC Taxi Commission that will force them to …

Oliver Koppell killed his own bill requiring all taxis handle wheelchairs
New York Daily News
With robust support from advocates for people with disabilities, Koppell stood up to the powerful yellow-taxi industry by calling for a phase-in of cabs capable of transporting wheelchairs. He rounded up 37 co-sponsors, seeming to ensure passage with a …

Mayor Bloomberg Reportedly Told NY Taxi Boss ‘I Am Going To Destroy Your F …
Business Insider
The plan was blocked as it violated a New York City provision that requires a hybrid option. Friedman was one of many in the taxi industry who fought the plan. According to a profile from 2010, Friedman owns roughly 700 taxi medallions — over 5 …

In response to the rare and tragic limousine accident in San Francisco, the National LimousineAssociation plans to work closely with engineering teams from …

ExecuCar launches zTrip mobile app in Orlando and Tampa, Florida
IT News Online
ExecuCar is a division of Veolia Transportation On Demand and the leading “Black Car” service in the country. ExecuCar is available in over 55 cities nationwide. In most locations they maintain both black sedan (towncar service) as well as SUVs. Its …

A cab company in disguise
Baltimore Sun
A taxicab in Baltimore must meet a number of stringent rules and regulations. The Maryland Public Service Commission requires that the vehicles be inspected on a regular basis both by thecommission and by a Maryland State Vehicle Inspection facility.

CityWide series host Ken Fisher talks with Commissioner David Yassky, Chairman of the New …

Agony of the fleet Taxi and Limousine Commission offers little …
It’s hard enough being a cabbie in New York City. The last thing you need is a greedy garage or fleet operator ripping you off.

Do Hailo and Uber taxi e-hail apps defy a NYC judge’s orders? Nobody knows
That’s an answer that no one seems able to agree on, or in some cases, even answer. New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission is tight-lipped as it works out what will happen next. Uber is similarly quiet, while Hailo is taking another approach that …


May 17, 2013

Uber wars threaten to reignite over new regulations – Washington Post
Washington Post (blog)
Regulations passed last week by the commission — the same one requiring all city taxicabs to accept credit-card payments — also include requirements that payments be processed through “payment service providers” that are integrated with the cab’s …

Taxi of Tomorrow leaving wheelchair-bound New Yorkers frustrated
New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV
Danny Delany says he doesn’t take cabs often, but it’s not because he doesn’t want to. Delany says he’s waited more than an hour to flag down a cab. And it’s no wonder why: just 2%, — or about 230 — of the city’s cabs are wheelchair accessible. For …

Limousine safety investigated 
WGCL Atlanta
The deadly limousine fire in California earlier this month is leading at least one Atlanta-based limo company to make significant safety enhancements. CBS Atlanta investigative reporter Jeff Chirico explains those changes and what customers can do to …


May 16, 2013

Court Sides With Critics of City’s Taxi of Tomorrow Plan
Wall Street Journal
A judge in Manhattan threw plans for a mandatory uniform taxi cab into new doubt on Wednesday, siding with critics who say city law requires that regulators let drivers use hybrid vehicles. The ruling declared the law creating the so-called “Taxi of …

In the Candy Cab, Sweets That Delight, and Heal – NYT

“No eating or drinking inside this car,” reads a sign in Mansoor Khalid’s cab, “Except candies.”  There are plenty of them. Mr. Khalid keeps the back dashboard of his yellow….

Judge Blocks Plan by City for New Taxis
New York Times
A State Supreme Court judge on Wednesday blocked the Bloomberg administration’s plan for a near-uniform fleet of yellow cabs, ruling that it violated a New York City provision requiring a hybrid option for taxi operators.

Car-sharing startup RelayRides halts NYC service after cease and desist
New York City has become a battleground for taxi, car-sharing, and ride-sharing applications. Just a few weeks ago, the CEOs of ride-sharing service SideCar and taxi-hailing app Hailo slugged it out on stage about New York’s rigid regulations. Broken …

NYC Taxi of Tomorrow plan violates law requiring hybrids in fleet: Judge
New York Daily News
But the Taxi and Limousine Commission has no plans to put the brakes on the program. The Bloomberg administration has picked a non-hybrid Nissan minivan to be the only permitted cab for at least a decade, and the first wave of the new taxis will arrive ..

May 15, 2013

DC Taxis Discriminate Against People With Disabilities Nearly Half The Time …
Huffington Post
When reporter Russ Ptacek asked one taxi driver why he drove right by a blind woman standing with her arm outstretched, the driver claimed, “I thought she was waiting for somebody else.” Other passengers with disabilities were picked up but dropped off …

A Corporal’s Taxi Ride –
Having to take a taxi into the city was a grim prospect on a corporal’s pay. When I climbed into a waiting cab, I responded to the driver’s “Where to?” by boldly …

Taxi Drivers Speak Out Against Proposed Rule Change
The Taxi and Limousine Commission is set to vote Thursday on a new set of rules that would raise car leases by $7,000 for the year. It would also allow taxi companies to keep raising leases every six months based on how many riders pay with credit …

Regulators to decide if app-based Uber must comply with taxi rules
Baltimore Sun (blog)
The public, he said, no more confuses Uber with a traditional cab or limousine service than Hotwire and OpenTable customers confuse those reservation services with hotels and restaurants. Uber got its start in 2009 in San Francisco and has attracted …

NY Shutdowns for SideCar, RelayRides Highlight Hurdles for Car- and Ride …
Wall Street Journal (blog)
In the case that resulted in the SideCar court hearing last week, the New York City Taxi andLimousine Commission, or TLC, used an undercover decoy to pretend to be a regular passenger using SideCar’s service, and when the car reached its destination …

Hailo says NYC ban would hack $100M
New York Post
Taxi-cab app Hailo claims that blocking its smartphone technology in the Big Apple could cost it about $100 million. That’s the value Hailo CEO Jay Bregman places on the New York City market, according to court papers filed this week and obtained by …

Taxi and Limousine Commission wants drivers to pay for car repairs …
The TLC proposes to increase fleet owners’ income at the expense of drivers – even though the agency’s own report questions whether a boost is warranted.


May 14, 2013

NYC Launches Taxi Hailing Apps – CNBC 
Jay Bregman, Hailo CEO, explains how his company got the green light which allows riders to …

Driver Claims Cabbies Without Permits Shuttling Schoolkids
NBC Chicago
Many children are being driven to and from school by cab drivers who have no permit to drive students, according one taxi driver. The driver, who requested anonymity, originally contacted NBC Chicago last winter with his concerns. He claims that his …

SideCar’s Sunil Paul On Working With (And Battling) Regulators
Sharing the stage with Hailo CEO Jay Bregman (I’ll be posting an interview with Bregman later) and NY TLC Deputy Commissioner Ashwini Chhabra, Paul positioned his ridesharing startup as an organization standing up for innovation and choice in the face …

Hailing a taxi ‘cheaper and safer’ after major shake-up in Northern Ireland
Belfast Telegraph
He said the introduction of a single-tier licensing system would make it easier for consumers to tell if the vehicle is a legal taxi. It will also allow drivers from outside Belfast to come into the city centre and work, meaning more taxis available at …

Uber app may be subjected to state taxi regulations – Baltimore …
State regulators are recommending subjecting technology startup Uber Technologies…

In Light of Bachelorette Limo Fire, Safety is an Important Issue among …
Watch List News (press release)
Five women died Saturday evening in San Mateo after the stretch limousine they were riding in was suddenly engulfed in flames. Four women and the driver escaped from the fire and treated for burns following the incident. The women were on their way to …

Hailo Founder Jay Bregman Backstage | Disrupt NY 2013 
Backstage at Disrupt NY 2013 with Anthony Ha and Jay Bregman. Subscribe to TechCrunch …

May 8, 2013

Governor Jan Brewer Signs Historic Legislation Requiring Drug Testing for Taxi …
Phoenix, Arizona – Governor Jan Brewer today signed into law SB 1087. This historic legislation – the first of its kind in the State of Arizona – requires that taxi, livery and limousine companies in Arizona conduct pre-employment drug testing and …

Another company backed by DOE loans shuts down – USA Today
Indeed, the company showed off a taxi version at the New York Auto Show last year. VPG stopped operations after its assets were frozen by the Energy Department, he says. “They wanted us to get the remaining capital raised and we couldn’t get it done …

New York City’s Road to Taxi E-Hail Just Keeps Getting … – Good
By: Kate Hinds An appellate judge has issued a restraining order preventing New York’s pilot yellow cab e-hail program from going forward. Recently, another …

Taxi Battle of the Day: Uber vs. Lyft
The Atlantic Cities
It’s a buyer’s market for commuters in the Bay Area, where start-ups Uber, SideCar, and Lyft compete with traditional taxi companies to give harried San Franciscans a ride to work. But it’s not all fun and games: where competition goes, so negative …

Fire survivor says limousine driver did ‘not want to listen’
Los Angeles Times
A survivor of the Bay Area limousine fire that killed five women said one of her friends got stuck trying to escape and that the limo’s driver initially ignored pleas for help. In an interview with San Francisco’s ABC7 News, Nelia Arellano sobbed …

Taxi fares may jump by 20 percent
Global Times
The drop fare for Beijing taxis is likely to jump from 10 yuan ($1.62) to 13 yuan, according to a proposal released by Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform on Tuesday in advance of hearings it will conduct to discuss proposals for the …


May 7, 2013

City won ‘ t say e – hails are illegal
New York Daily News
On Monday, Hailo, a London-based Internet start-up that is one of two providers selected to take part in the city pilot, got Freedman’s permission to argue its case later this month when a full panel of appellate judges considers the injunction. Hailo …

Highway to hail: Why Hailo, Uber aren’t finished yet
Though a judge has issued an injunction blocking implementation of New York’s …

The e-hail it ain’t: Judge won’t lift order barring cab app
New York Post
A judge yesterday refused to lift an order that slammed the brakes on the Big Apple’s controversial pilot program for hailing yellow cabs using smartphone apps. Appellate judge Helen Freedman issued the temporary restraining order blocking apps such as ..

Taxi tech firm says lawsuits are killing its biz
Crain’s New York Business
Last week, livery companies won a second restraining order against the TLC’s e-hail pilot, arguing the service would cut into their business of pre-arranged rides with customers. No one from the e-hail industry was in court to argue against the …

The Legal Battle Over New York City’s Taxi Apps
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The attorney for the livery companies, Randy Mastro, a former deputy mayor, argued in an appeals brief that the city’s taxi commission had overstepped its mandate by issuing rules to permit e-hailing apps as part of a pilot program. The new app rules …

Bicycling in the City and Living to Tell a Skittish Class
New York Times
But there is riding a bike, of course, and there is riding a bike in today’s New York City — amid the 13,000 yellow taxis (and 52,000 taxi doors), pedestrians who often view traffic signals as ignorable suggestions, and by the end of the month, a bike …


May 6, 2013

Cabs to e-hail order: Just fuhgeddaboudit 
Big Apple yellow cabs appear to be thumbing their noses at a Manhattan judge who last week ordered all e-hails to stop. Uber and Hailo, two tech companies whose apps had previously been given the green light to operate, were still open for business this weekend despite an order by appellate judge Helen Freedman….

Hailo wants a goodbye to court order
New York Post
“Driver and passenger utilization of Hailo’s app increased markedly after the [TLC] approved Hailo’sapp, only to decline dramatically after the temporary restraining order in this action became public. Since this Court’s Order, the rate at which …

The Revolution Will Be Rideshared
Huffington Post
Not wanting to roll the dice on one of San Francisco’s taxi dispatch companies (he lives in the Inner Richmond, a patch of the city that’s often a cab Siberia), he decided instead to try SideCar, an app-enabled ridesharing service that had just launched.

Taxi drivers stage mass blockade
The Age
Melbourne Airport is being blockaded by taxi drivers unhappy with changes to queuing arrangements at the airport taxi rank and have vowed to continue their blockade. The blockade, which was planned during the week, began at 10am and is disrupting …

Where is the world’s most expensive taxi? –
Arriving at an airport and jumping into a taxi is the preferred option for most, and a necessary expense for time-pressed business travelers. But try passing off a …

Las Vegas taxi driver strike has ended
KTNV Las Vegas
Las Vegas taxi driver strike has ended. By Denise Wong. CREATED May. 2, 2013. Tweet · Share; Email; Print. The longest taxi driver strike in the history of Las Vegas is officially over. Video video. The two-month taxi strike is over Video …

What’s The Deal: App-etite for Expansion
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The Taxi and Limousine Commission had approved the use of apps made by Uber and Hailo Network USA Inc. A state judge in Manhattan ruled that the city acted properly in launching a one-year pilot program. But the opponents of e-hailing, a coalition of …

May 2, 2013

Yellow cab app released, hailed — and quickly pulled over by judge
New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV
The Taxi and Limousine Commission recently released a commercial about taxi hailing, then approved a new app feature through Uber to make it easier. However, a judge Wednesday blocked the yellow-cab feature that had launched the night before.

Judge halts NYC taxi ‘e-hails,’ a day after launch
Wall Street Journal
A lawyer for e-hail opponents, Randy Mastro, says they’re gratified. He calls the program “fundamentally flawed” and illegal. Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky says the apps are “perfectly legal” and good for riders. In December, the city OK …

Stop-and-go e-hail effort hits another speed bump
Capital New York
Just yesterday, Uber launched its taxi app in New York City. “The trial judge was absolutely correct that our e-hail program is lawful,” said a disappointed David Yassky, the city’s taxi commissioner, in a phone interview this afternoon. “And moreover …

Judge halts NYC taxi e-hailing a day after launch
NEW YORK — Hailing yellow cabs with smartphone apps is on hold in New York City a day after the experimental service began. An appeals judge agreed Wednesday to bar e-hailing, at least temporarily. A panel of judges is expected to weigh the case later …

New e-hail taxi app is an e-failure — at least until more cabbies get it
New York Daily News
If you use the city’s first “e-hail” taxi app, you better have a hail of a lot of time on your hands. Daily News reporter Muhammad Ali and I spent the day testing whether Uber, the new cab-finding smartphone app, was as efficient as snagging a ride the …

New York City to Give Taxi Payment Ability to Uber, Hailo |
Forget about the Benjamins: In two months, e-hailing taxicab apps Uber and Hailo will process payments, New York City promises.

Taxi-Hailing Apps Blocked by Judge
New York Times
On Wednesday, a day after New York City’s taxi riders were allowed to hail yellow cabs with smartphones for the first time, an appeals court judge temporarily blocked the city’s pilot program for the apps — forcing the Bloomberg administration to …

An E-Hailing Debate
WNYC (blog)
Five days after the Taxi and Limousine Commission selected Uber Technologies to make the e-hailing app and one day after the service went live, an appellate judge has agreed to block it temporarily. A panel of judges is expected to consider the case …

Want to turn your car into a taxi? New York City says that’s a crime
The Verge
Over the weekend, the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) stopped two SideCar drivers in a sting operation. The agency used the app to order two rides, then detained the drivers. One woman was allowed to go home, while the other …

Sidecar Hits A Snag As Ride Sharing Service Attempts To Launch In New York
Speaking at Disrupt NY, SideCar co-founder Sunil Paul claims that the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) is trying to protect the city’s taxi industry. His comments came during a back and forth with TLC Deputy Commissioner of Policy and …


May 1, 2013

N.Y. Taxi Smartphone Hail Program Said to Be Blocked
New York livery car groups won a bid to block a pilot program that would enable people to hail and pay for a ride in one of the city’s 13,000 yellow taxis using location-based smartphone applications.

Put your taxi apps away New Yorkers, NYC’s smartphone hail program blocked again
The ongoing saga around approving taxi hailing apps in New York City is beginning to resemble a wild ride in one of the city’s taxis.

Judge halts NYC taxi ‘e-hails,’ a day after launch
SF Gate
NEW YORK (AP) — Hailing yellow cabs with smartphone apps is on hold in New York City a day after the experimental service began.

SideCar and Hailo CEOs slug it out over taxis, ride-sharing, & more
SideCar CEO Sunil Paul (pictured, right) took a lot of shots throughout the conversation. His biggest target was New York City’s Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC). He said the TLC is using its power to protect taxis and apps that coordinate with the …

Review Of: Uber – “One Of My Favorite Two Commerce Services On The Internet”
Uber replaces the yellow cab, which is frequently a horrible experience where you the customer feel like you are at the mercy of companies and drivers who don’t care about your needs. To understand how amazing Uber is, you have to start by examining …

Company’s App Can Now Be Used to Hail Yellow Cabs in City
New York Times
“The launch of Uber’s service is great news for New Yorkers and visitors to our city who want to quickly and conveniently get a taxi,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said in a statement. “Adding safe and regulated e-hail service is the latest in our …

Contentious app to hail New York taxis unveiled after court battle
New York Daily News
Hailing a yellow cab in New York is now just a few smartphone clicks away. Uber finally flipped the switch on the yellow cab option for its e-hail app Tuesday night after a months-long legal battle.

SideCar Defends Its NYC Ride Sharing Business, Says TLC Protects Taxi Industry
Paul argued back and forth with New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) Deputy Commisioner of Policy and Programs Ashwini Chhabra, with Hailo’s Jay Bregman hopping in to discuss innovation in the New York taxi industry. Chhabra argued that …

New Yorkers can pay for taxis via e-hailing apps within 60 days
New Yorkers can pay for taxis via e-hailing apps within 60 days. Ashwini Chahabra, deputy commissioner of policy and programs at the New York Taxi & Limousine Commission, also said Hailo will be approved for yellow cab hailing within hours or a day.


April 30, 2013

The Next Billion-Dollar Company Has Arrived (at Your Door) 
Wired (blog)
In New York, the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission greenlit Uber as the first approved for the city’s yearlong “e-hailing” pilot program. A few days later in the same city, one Uber backer told a TechCrunch conference that the company was growing …

Hailo is running its ehail app service in NYC without TLC approval 
When I asked him about using another e-hail app like Uber, he replied he used Hailo because it “is a Taxi and Limousine Commission-approved application.”

City to taxi app: not so fast
Crain’s New York Business
After a state judge gave the green light to the Taxi and Limousine Commission’s “e-hail” smartphone apps last week, one tech firm couldn’t help but toot its own horn. “Hailo always believed that e-hailing is not only legal, but inevitable,”said Jay …


April 23, 2013

Audit finds Las Vegas cab drivers overcharged tourists $15 million in 2012

Officials with the Taxicab Authority, which oversees the 16 cab companies in Clark County and their estimated 9,000 drivers, were not immediately available for comment on the report Monday morning. The report said the authority had not audited …

Judge OKs plan to test out letting NYC taxi passengers summon cabs …
Washington Post
NEW YORK — A judge says New York City can test out letting people hail yellow cabs via their smartphones. A Manhattan judge dismissed a lawsuit over the “e-hail” program Tuesday and lifted an order that temporarily stopped it. The city Taxi and …

City gets green light for e-hail app for taxi riders
New York Daily News
Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Carol Huff rejected legal arguments that the Taxi andLimousine Commission lacked the legal authority to launch a pilot program that would last 12 months and be restricted to Manhattan south of 59th St. “This decision is …

Here Come the Taxi Apps for Yellow Cabs: New York Judge Dismisses …
The Livery Roundtable and the Black Car Assistance Corporation filed the lawsuit back in February, just as the TLC’s year-long experiment was scheduled to …


April 22, 2013

Electric Taxi Cab Fleet Expanding On City Streets
Nissan donated the vehicles, which will be added to New York’s 13,000 medallioncabs. The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission wants to see how the Leaf’s charging times fit into a typical 24/7 business day. The goal is to make one-third of the city’s …

Man Carjacks Yellow Taxi in Manhattan
New York Times
A man forcibly took over a yellow taxi cab in Manhattan on Monday morning, punching the driver in the face and fleeing in the car to New Jersey, where he was eventually arrested, the police in New York said.



April 19, 2013

Cabforce Opens Taxi API for Developers – Becomes a Taxi Content Hub for …
Wall Street Journal
With the new Cabforce Taxi Content Hub(TM) released today, taxi rides in 60 destinations across Europe and New York are now available for developers globally through an open interface (API). A real time search and booking service helps innovative …

San Francisco Taxis Increase: Hundreds Of Cars Added To Fleets – Huffington Post
Huffington Post
Getting a cab in San Francisco may soon become a bit easier following the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s decision earlier this week to allow 320 more taxis to hit city streets by the end of 2014, with the potential to add far more in …

City Hall stands firmish against wheelchair requirements for taxis
Capital New York
In another copy, which was also distributed to reporters, Yassky said, … Here’s the final iteration of that thought, the one that Yassky actually recited: …

One App, Über Alles
Have you heard of Über? It’s threatening the 10,000-year-old taxi industry with a simple app. When you want a ride from a limo service or a taxi it connects you with the closest open vehicle – with the push of a button. It will even show you a picture …

Taxis for all: The time is now
New York Daily News
Only 233 taxis, or 2% of the city’s current fleet, are capable of carrying the thousands of New Yorkers and visitors who use wheelchairs to try to get around our city daily. This is an outrage. It forces disabled passengers to wait many times longer …

April 16, 2013

Judge to review Uber rules amid plans for new taxi-like app in Denver
Denver Post
A public hearing is scheduled Tuesday, the outcome of which could affect how Uber Technologies operates in Colorado. The hearing will address whether an app maker should fall under the same rules as taxi companies. (AAron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post) …

Hailo hires Starbucks boss, lands $30m in cash and plans global …
Hailo, the mobile app that has transformed the way people use taxis in Dublin, has just secured $30.6 million in Series B funding from Union Square Ventures.



April 15, 2013

The end of the taxicab medallion – Opinion – The Boston Globe
Boston’s taxicab system is dysfunctional and corrupt. But the solution is not some new mix of stronger rules and tougher regulations. Rather, the system itself …

No rules for drivers would harm riders
TLPA CEO, Al LaGasse, responds to the previous OpEd.  I DID a double-take when I read Tom Keane’s April 7 column (“Change is coming, and it’s with smartphone apps,” Op-ed, April 7) in which he asserts that anyone with a “decent vehicle” and the ability to drive “competently” should

Boston’s chief taxi regulator suspended
Boston Globe
Boston’s chief taxi regulator, whose department is under fire for its haphazard oversight of the city’s $1 billion cab industry, has been suspended for alleged misconduct with a Boston Police Department employee. Mark Cohen, who has been regulating …

Lyft and SideCar, beware! Uber storms the arena of ride-sharing
Uber first started with its on-demand black car service and has since added SUV, Taxi, and UBERx, a cheaper midrange car option. Since the beginning, Uber has faced significant opposition from municipal regulators and transportation agencies (not to …

LOMTO Officially Supports HAILO | Driver Blog 
LOMTO and Hailo are now working together to make you more money each shift — and make it easier for passengers to find you.

Hailo SideCar And The New York Taxi And Limousine Commission To …
In the coming weeks, the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission is expected to enter into its first trial of taxi e-hail apps. That’ll allow startups lik..

April 12, 2013

Dealing with the faux cabs
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Lots of comments on my article outlining the problems with the fake cabs that are riding around town without medallions or proper screening. The main complaint the trolls have appears to be their dislike of cab drivers and the difficulty of getting a …

“I’ll tell you how we can settle the issue quickly. How about all of us who need a ride around town contact Lyft, get a lift, and then voluntarily pay nothing. Or just offer the price of gas — $4.50 a gallon, most of these cars get 25 miles to the gallon, most rides around town are five miles or less, so that would be 90 cents.”

Uber Dips Toe in Ride-Sharing
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The complaint is familiar to those following the past several months of debate in thetaxi and limousine industry: upstart newcomers are skirting old rules and undermining established companies, cutting into their business. What’s unusual is who the …

Uber Policy White Paper 1.0: Principled Innovation: Addressing the Regulatory Ambiguity around Ridesharing Apps

Almost three years ago, Uber launched its transportation technology platform in San Francisco. As ‘Everyone’s Private Driver’, Uber provides city residents with a convenient and efficient way to request transportation services from existing transportation providers. Although Uber does not own cars and does not employ drivers…



April 11, 2013

Smart-Taxi Smackdown: Regulators Ponder the Future of Uber …
By Josh Harkinson
If you don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area or a handful of big cities, you probably haven’t noticed the revolution in the taxi and livery cab businesses. In the Bay Area, local startups Uber, SideCar, and Lyft have made it a breeze to snag a …

Sometimes, Riders Find a Cabby Worth Praising
New York Times
But about twice a day, in a land unrivaled in its capacity to appear unimpressed, taxipassengers in New York have something nice to say about their cabbies — their experience so memorable that they take the unusual step of telling the city about it.

San Francisco Airport bans rideshare app companies from taxi line
Last month, San Francisco International Airport issued cease-and-desist orders to six different app-based rideshare companies like Lyft, SideCar, and UberX. These companies connect regular drivers –not licensed taxi or limo drivers– to passengers via …

The Tyranny of the Taxi Medallions
The Tyranny of the Taxi Medallions The life of a taxi driver is hard. When cabbies start a shift, they owe about $100 to their company as payment just for the …



April 10, 2013

Check Here to Tip Taxi Drivers or Save for 401(k)
Check Here to Tip Taxi Drivers or Save for 401(k). By Cass R. Sunstein 2013-04-09T22:00:58Z. If you have recently been in a taxi in New York City, you may have noticed a credit-card touchscreen, which suggests three possible tips. For rides of more …

Back to the Future-Style DeLorean Taxi Cabs to Hit NYC Streets …
New York City will soon be getting Back to the Future-inspired Delorean taxis.

Taxi ‘Smart Card’ Pilot Program Underway In Community Board 1
Western Queens Gazette
People with disabilities in two neighborhoods citywide are being urged to take advantage of a city pilot program that offers them the option of using yellow cabs or livery car services as an alternative to the city’s Access-A-Ride service. The Taxi …

Federal lawsuit may have been prevented if Brooklyn taxi company was chosen
Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Judge Daniels of the Southern District of New York District Court allowed the plaintiffs to supplement and amend their complaint to include challenges to the legality of the Taxi and Limousine Commission’s (TLC) selection of the Nissan NV200 van as the …



April 8, 2013

San Francisco e-hails more cabs
San Francisco Business Times (blog)
There are already apps that San Francisco riders can use that will call a cab to your location. But those apps don’t cover every cab in town, officials said. What the SFMTA is proposing is making data from every one of the city’s 1,750 cabs available …

New NYC Taxi | Nissan NYC Taxi | New York Natives
More than all the luxurious cars on display, the highlight of the 2013 New York International …


April 5, 2013

Rape Charges Against Uber Driver Dropped by U.S. Attorney’s Office
In The Capital (blog)
It looks as if the sexual assault charges that were raised against one of Uber’s private black cardrivers will be dropped as of yesterday. For those unfamiliar with Uber, they are a sedan service that provides on-the-spot transportation for people …

Boston taxi honchos: Uber discriminates against cancer patients, avoids bad … (blog)
Your article has been sent. File Photo. Amid a scathing Boston Globe investigative series into area taxi cab companies, two of those services have had their suit against taxi and towncar hailing start-up Uber moved from state court to Boston’s US …

Tales of a taxi driver
The Economist (blog)
ABDULLAH (not his real name) is what Algerians call a “clandestine” taxi driver. Every day he ferries passengers 310km (193 miles) each way between Annaba, near the eastern end of Algeria’s Mediterranean coastline, and the Tunisian capital, Tunis, in a …

Smartphone taxi app thrives in Calgary despite threats from cab companies
Calgary Herald
The popularity of a new smartphone app that helps Calgarians to hail cabs in minutes continues to surge, in spite of a directive from cab companies that drivers who use FastCab while also working for a cab company will lose their jobs. FastCab founder …

Taxi lawsuit: Uber a crime syndicate that hates poor people and …
By adamg
A lawsuit by key members of the local taxi industry against upstart Uber is now a federal matter – San Franisco-based Uber yesterday had the suit transferred from state court to US District Court in Boston. In the suit, Boston Cab Dispatch and …


April 3, 2013

Boston taxi cab drivers, often cheated, work in a world where risk and reward … (Third and final part of the series we shared yesterday)
The men have waited months for a chance to become taxi drivers. They will spend five nights training for a licensing exam. And if they pass — many fail because of their limited English— they will learn the rest, in the garages and on the streets, the …

Taxi group calls for overhaul of cab oversight system
The legislation would raise the mandatory insurance for taxis from $20,000 to cover one person’s injuries and $40,000 to cover multiple people to $100,000 and $300,000, respectively – the levels required by New York City and Los Angeles. “Right now, if …

Tech startups break into taxi biz
Crain’s New York Business
Despite the lawsuits and the red tape, some tech startups still see opportunities in New York’s $7 million-a-day taxi industry. Case in point: In mid-March, a Las Vegas-based tech company applied to test its “cloud based” vehicle monitoring software in …

Taxi fare increase to take effect this week
A TfL statement said: “The new fares seek a balance between maintaining income levels for drivers while ensuring passengers still get a fair price for the high quality and unique service provided by the capital’s taxi drivers.” It added that this was …

Get in the driving seat with in-taxi Wi-Fi
Fourth Source
The black taxi is the transport mode of choice for the busy professional searching for comfort and privacy as they commute across the city. During the 17 minutes of an average taxi ride, research that we carried out found that 84 per cent of passengers …

Receive Amber Alert, transit training online
While this is not the first time this training is available to ground transportation professionals, it is the first time it will be brought to the city in a fully accessible online format to livery and black cardrivers. JAGUAR OF GREAT NECK. The …


April 2, 2013

Check out these articles & videos, they are the first two of a three part series on Boston’s cab industry.

Bribes are a common routine for Boston taxi drivers (First part)
In the belly of Boston’s biggest taxi garage, cabbies shuffle toward a scratched and grimy dispatcher’s window knowing the cost of doing business. If you want to drive, especially on a busy night, you often have to pay the man a little extra to get the …

An empire built of ambition and a very hard edge (Second part)
Owned by Edward J. Tutunjian, Boston Cab has by far the biggest taxi fleet in the city, controlling 1 in 5 of the 1,825 licensed taxis. With taxi licenses, or medallions, worth more than $220 million, he has the deepest pockets in the taxi trade and …

Pilot program offers the disabled with alternatives to Access-A-Ride
New York Daily News
Experts said the taxi program could work as a back-up to public transportation and Access-A-Ride. Patricia Enriquez, director of New York City Expert Disability Associates, said the program offers a useful alternative. “Access-A-Ride has some rules …

Livery cabbie’s death ruled homicide after suffering cardiac arrest while …
New York Daily News
City officials say Luiz Mauro Machado, the 61-year-old father of NBA basketball player Scott Machado, died at Kennedy Airport as Taxi and Limousine Commissionofficers were arresting him for illegally picking up fares. He was taken to Jamaica Hospital .


March 29, 2013

A Ride Home That’s Not a Taxi, Maybe

New York Times
The Taxi and Limousine Commission has been supportive of the tech revolution in the car service industry, so I asked what it thought of SideCar. “Without commenting on any specific app, if an entity exhibits characteristics of for-hire service, such as 

‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ Won’t Push out Hybrids
Wall Street Journal
The Taxi and Limousine Commission is planning a rule change that would allow cabbies who currently drive high-mileage hybrids to keep using them even after the new “Taxi of Tomorrow” vehicle is released this fall — at least until the new taxi is 


March 28, 2013

Nissan Finally Unveils Wheelchair-Accessible Cab
By Matt Hardigree
When New York announced that the Nissan NV200 would be the new NYC Cab, the big question was where’s the damn wheelchair-accessible version? Not only do they now have one … New York Auto Show Nissan NV200 Taxi of TOmorrow …

Nissan NV200 Mobility Taxi Shows It Is Wheelchair-Friendly at NY Show
Carscoops (blog)
It seems that Nissan is trying to place itself in the background of two of the most iconic postcards one can hope of ever sending: from New York, and London. They want to replace the familiar shape of cabs in the two cities with their NV200, which has …

Dubai Taxi driver nurtures hidden talent
On shift from 4 p.m. until 4 a.m. daily, Taxi driver Hamza Erimakunnath journeys Dubai roads to earn his livelihood and support his family back home in Kerala, India. However, he uses his precious free time to practice an extraordinary talent …


March 25, 2013

Passengers, cabbies hail mobile taxi apps
China Daily
The new use of mobile apps for calling taxis in some big Chinese cities could help cabdrivers increase their income while providing greater convenience to passengers. A few clicks on a computer or smartphone using the free app called Didi Taxi could …

Taxi & Limousine Commission should not implement e-hail program without City Council approval
For a year and a half, I drove Livery cab #112 for Bailey Car Service in my home neighborhood of Washington Heights. I did so at a time when I was new to …

INTERVIEW: Hailo co-founder on new funding and heading …
When three taxi drivers sat in a café and dreamed up a service that could help them find passengers and fill empty cab seats, they struggled to find backers.


March 22, 2013

In Turkey, Taxi Licenses Outperform Stocks
That translates to 1 cab per 800 people, compared with a ratio of 1:662 in New York and 1:362 in London, based on data from the city governments. Other big cities also have restricted taxi markets, yet “none has Istanbul’s pace of population growth and …


March 21, 2013

Coming soon: hailing a taxi with your phone
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
In an attempt to catch up with the social ride-sharing bunch and their fancy smartphone apps, the Municipal Transportation Agency voted Tuesday to require all taxi companies and drivers to cooperate with a plan to collect electronic data from cabs that …

Hail That API: Click A Taxi Brings a Global Fleet to Your App
ProgrammableWeb (blog)
Click A Taxi The Click a Taxi API integrates the company’s ability to call a taxi in any of 5,000 cities in 50 countries. Surely one of the 300,000 taxis that partner with Click A Taxi will be available…In addition to the API, the company offers apps …


March 20, 2013

App maker: black is the new yellow 
New York Post
Some smartphone app makers refuse to idle while the courts sort out the city’s cab-hailing conundrum. While a judge is weeks away from ruling on whether to allow a pilot program that enables customers to hail yellow cabs using apps, at least one app …

New Orleans taxi company launches backseat vending
Wall Street Journal
NEW ORLEANS — When customers get into some New Orleans taxis, they’ll now have the chance to buy a cold beverage during the drive to their destination. New Orleans Carriage Cab Tuesday launched backseat vending machines inside its 250-car fleet …

MTA board votes to create taxi smartphone app for SF
KTVU San Francisco
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors voted Tuesday to build a mobile phone application to connect passengers to taxis throughout the city. The legislation would create an electronic taxi access network that would track …


March 19, 2013

GetTaxi gets into black cars
Crain’s New York Business
By Ali Elkin Hailing a taxi may be in GetTaxi’s name but the mobile software company is shifting its focus away from yellow cabs and will soon release an …

Is an Uber Ride Any Better Than a Gypsy Cab?
If Uber allegedly employs rapists and recruits unlicensed drivers, does that make the chauffer service any different than the gypsy cabs your mom always …


March 18, 2013

Cab lawyer eyes suit against SideCar
Boston Herald
The lawyer who filed suit against on-demand-private-driver service Uber said he is now targeting the ride-sharing app SideCar, which last week added Boston to its growing roster of cities. Calling itself a ride-sharing service is merely a way for …

Dozens of black cab drivers in city centre protest amid claims private hire … 
Manchester Evening News
Dozens of taxi drivers have staged a rush-hour protest in Manchester city centre amid claims private hire rivals are illegally taking their work. They staged a go-slow protest as they headed in convoy from Manchester airport to Albert Square ahead of a …

Y Combinator-Backed InstantCab Provides A Hybrid Alternative To … 
By Ryan Lawler
Taxi app makers like Flywheel and Taxi Magic might jump in and point out the amount of inventory they have in cities like San Francisco. But here’s the thing — I’ve used most of the taxi apps, and have found that hailing a cab through is an …

After suing Austin for the right to operate, SideCar expands ride-sharing to …
The Verge
To launch a taxi or ride-sharing app is to live in constant legal peril. Uber, one of the forerunners in the taxi app business, is slogging through lawsuits in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and other cities — most recently, Boston Cab Dispatch …

Uber Sued in Boston; Case Could Wind up in Federal Court
Uber, the smartphone-based car-for-hire service that has been running into taxi industry opposition around the country, has just landed in court again. And the case is a doozy. Two of Boston’s largest cab companies are suing San Francisco-based Uber in …

Uber rape charge highlights safety concerns for car-hire startups
Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and a handful of other new services have emerged to let you order a car from your smartphone. Among them, Uber has received the lion’s share of attention for its livery-service black cars that can be requested with the swipe of an …


March 15, 2013

Upstart SideCar zips into Big Apple traffic
New York Post
“Without commenting on any specific app, if an entity exhibits characteristics of for-hire service, such as requiring payments for point-to-point rides within the City of New York, they would need to be licensed by the [Taxi & Limousine Commission],” a

The Women Behind the Wheel
The American Prospect
This is the last story in a three-part series on the life of immigrant workers in New York City. Here is Part One, on Chinese delivery workers, and Part Two on Latino construction workers. Dozens of taxi drivers are waiting to be issued their cabs at a …


March 13, 2013

Jakarta Street Teens Steered to Taxi Work
Jakarta Globe
I’m not so sure if “learning” the skills of being a taxi driver is the right choice. I’m confident that many of these children, despite thier poor nutrition are highly intelligent and with a proper and focussed education could do skill-wise better than …

 Watch NYC’s Best Singing Cab Driver Perform “Sexy Taxi Song” (just for a laugh)

Cab drivers! When they aren’t opening up about sex in taxicabs or refusing to take you back to Queens, they’re composing the next viral YouTube hit. But don’t take our word for it. Just sit back and let driver Shahid Nawaz sing his Sexy Taxi Song for you.

 Can the FTC Stop Taxi Commissions From Crushing Uber?

It made an example of two of the worst markets, Minneapolis and New Orleans, by filing lawsuits against the local governments and accusing them of illegally colluding with private taxi companies to crush competition and fleece residents. (The results ..

 Courts Rein In Mayor’s Power to Make Policy

New York Times
“This court,” wrote Justice Arthur F. Engoron of State Supreme Court in Manhattan, “has trouble seeing how the provision of taxi service in New York City is a matter that can be wrenched from the hands of city government, where it has resided for some …


March 8, 2013

Judge puts brakes on ehail plan allowing taxi riders to hail yellow …

temporary restraining order blocking the city’s ehail pilot program at … Taxi driver Roland Sainristil displays the driver’s ZabKab app on his …

N.Y. Livery Car Groups Win Bid to Halt Taxi Hail Program
The Livery Roundtable, Black Car Assistance Corp. and several car-service firms sued the TLC in February alleging the program violates city codes and may …

Judge orders temporary block to NYC taxi ‘e-hail’
Wall Street Journal
New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission in December had approved a pilot program allowing riders to “e-hail” yellow cabs. Livery cab owners had filed suit against the program in February, saying it would violate a law that bans yellow-cab drivers …

BREAKING: NYC Taxi E-Hail Program Delayed
Transportation Nation
A pilot program allowing New Yorkers to hail taxis via smartphone will not begin Friday after all. On Thursday afternoon, New York State Supreme Court Justice Carol Huff issued a temporary restraining order, blocking the city from implementing its e …

Judge Temporarily Blocks Cab-Hailing by Smartphones
New York Times
It’s an ‘e-prearranged pickup,’ ” said Randy M. Mastro, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, which include the Livery Roundtable and the Black Car …


March 6, 2013

Taxi and Limousine Commission Chairman David Yassky suggests …
Mayor Bloomberg’s taxi czar indicated Tuesday a dramatic change in his stance on making the fleet accessible to the handicapped. The Bloomberg …

Taxi And Limousine Commission Head Says City Needs More Wheelchair …
On Tuesday, it was coming from David Yassky, the head of the Taxi and Limousine … That is not enough,” Yassky said. Absolutely. Period. End of story.

Livery-backed councilmembers object to ‘e-hails’
Capital New York
On Valentine’s Day, members of the livery car industry filed suit against New YorkCity’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, charging that the Bloomberg administration had violated the law when it approved a one-year taxi app pilot program that would allow …


February 27, 2013

Taxi Fleet Owners Siding with City in App Lawsuit
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade will file as an intervener on the side of the city and the Taxi and Limousine Commission on Tuesday, joining a lawsuit in which the owners of black and livery car companies have tried to block the launch of …

Lawsuit May Block NYC Taxi E-Hail Program Blog (blog)
Anyone who has lived in New York City has been initiated into the unfortunate but necessary ritual known as hailing a cab. I’ve seen fights break out over who flagged down a cab first. Smartphone apps like Hailo, Uber, FlyWheel and Zabkab that let …


February 25, 2013

Mobile apps reshape urban taxi landscape

San Francisco-based Uber offers a mobile app connecting passengers and taxis in six cities, including Washington, and operates in 27 cities worldwide with a “black car” service, which it says costs more than taxis but less than comparable limousine …

Judge told to get the hail off taxi case
New York Post
A judge isn’t allowed to preside over the livery industry’s suit seeking to stop riders from hailing yellow cabs with their smartphones, according to court papers. The decision came after the judge hinted in a pre-trial hearing that he would rule …


February 22, 2013

NYC taxi inspectors target illegal livery cars
Wall Street Journal
The chairman of the Taxi and Limousine Commission says the rogue drivers could have underinsured, inadequate vehicles. The TLC inspects authorized livery cars for defects. It sets minimum insurance levels for accidents involving passenger injuries.


February 21, 2013

Lawsuit Filed Against TLC for Taxi Hailing App
NY Convergence
They’re criticizing the TLC’s approval of a year-long pilot program to allow taxi drivers and passengers to use the apps, saying that the technology would cut into their business of having pre-arranged customers. TLC Commissioner David Yassky, however…

Lawsuit Presents Roadblock to New York City Taxi Hailing Apps
The reason the lawsuit has sprung up stems from nuances in the New York taxicab rules. In New York City, Yellow Cabs can pick up passengers who hail them on the street, but can’t be dispatched by phone. On the other hand, Livery cabs are in a…

In New York, Taxi Apps Raise Objections From Competitors
NPR (blog)
Following the lead of cities like San Francisco and Washington, D.C., New York wants to permit passengers to use smartphone apps to find a cab. Since Mayor La Guardia established the New York’s modern taxi system in 1937, there have been two big …


February 13, 2013

Taxi commission orders black cars to provide trip data – The Insider …
The Taxi & Limousine Commission is requesting car-service companies provide data on trips to study the effects of a smartphone pilot project.

A Taxi Service Where Payment Is Optional

There’s been a lot of buzz about Uber lately. The on-demand car service app that lets users order a professional driver with the touch of a button has become popular as a guaranteed way to get around. It’s available in most major U.S. cities as well as …


February 11, 2013

The cab conductor: reading Hailo’s success story

“In a way, cabs are a grown-up big brother of the same-day courier sector,” he says. “The taxi business is highly inefficient. Drivers are desperately looking for you while you are desperately looking for them. Many drivers have 30 to 60 percent …

Doubting if Tomorrow Will Ever Come for Taxi

New York Times
Another, allowing New Yorkers to hail yellow taxis using smartphone apps, was watered down amid heavy lobbying from the livery and black car industries — and will most likely face a legal challenge. Then there was the crown jewel, cast in yellow: the…


E-Hailing Ordeal: To Pay With a Taxi App In NYC, You Might Have to Enter a 7 … 

… New York’s yellow cabs–Verifone and Creative Mobile Technologies–want riders to have to enter a seven-digit code (that will pop up on the Taxi TV screen) before they can pay with an app, the Taxi and Limousine Commission told Betabeat this afternoon.


February 8, 2013

Taxi race: can Uber and Hailo deliver a real-time revolution?

Naval Ravikant is the cofounder of the startup network AngelList and a small investor in Uber, the app that lets you order a car service or taxi from your phone. He uses Uber X to get to work, Flywheel for long trips to the outer part of San Francisco ..


Uber Can Help Companies Be More Desirable To Work For With Its …

uber-a-blackcar-transportation-startup-offers-employees-. On-demand car service Uber announced a new perks program that can instantly make a company cooler to work for. If you want to be able to provide transportation as a perk or benefit …


February 7, 2013

Hundreds of taxi drivers with criminal records work in Toronto: Report

The city has over 10,000 taxi drivers and according to the newspaper, hundreds have a criminal past ranging from highway traffic act offences to serious crimes including assault, sexual assault and drunk driving. “I wouldn’t want to be in a cab with a …


Virgin founder Branson flags down a taxi app –

Richard Branson feels he can make some green from New York City’s yellow cabs.The knighted British mogul is one of several investors who pumped a total of …


Flywheel eyes launch in New York after becoming one of the first e-hail …

Formerly known as Cabulous, Flywheel says its application was accepted by the Licensing Office of the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). As a result of the news, it has qualified to participate in an exclusive pilot program beginning this …


February 5, 2013

Hailo Raises $30.6 Million to Digitize New York’s Cabs Digits WSJ

Hailo, a London-based e-hailing startup, just raised $30.6 million from New York-based investment firm Union Square Ventures, among others.


January 29, 2013

Travis Kalanick: The Transportation Trustbuster

Wall Street Journal
Breaking their own rules and not wanting to get screamed at, Uber met with the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, briefing commissioners on the company’s success in San Francisco. “They gave us their blessing,” Mr. Kalanick says, and Uber started …


January 22, 2013

Assembly Members Want Attacks On Taxi Drivers To Be Felonies

Following a brutal attack on a taxi driver, members of the Assembly are pushing for a new law that will make such assaults a felony. The Taxi Driver Protection Act was introduced after Key Chun Kim, 53 was beaten by a passenger in Brooklyn on New Year …


January 14, 2013

NYC livery cab drivers get record tickets in 2012

Wall Street Journal
NEW YORK — New York City livery cab drivers received an unprecedented number of tickets last year for alleged illegal street hails. The tickets were issued by the Taxi and Limousine Commission at a time when the city was pushing to expand legal street …


January 10, 2013

Raped By An Uber Cab Driver, Horrified By Everything

This December, a woman in the DC area took an Uber cab home. She arrived home safely around 3 AM, and home security camera footage shows her walking up towards her house to go inside. The security camera then shows her walking back to the cab …


January 9, 2013

The only female taxi driver in Pakistan
“I’m a better driver than most of the men on the road,” says the 57-year-old. “That’s why I get all the good fares.” Kazmi’s confidence is the product of two decades of doing what no other woman in Pakistan does: drive a taxi. In such a deeply …


January 7, 2013

Outer Borough taxi appeal on fast track

Queens Chronicle
The New York State Court of Appeals will sort out the dispute over the city’s Outer Borough Taxiplan. But the loss of revenue to the city as a result of the suit could impact city budgets into 2014 and beyond — even if the city wins. Posted: Thursday …


January 2, 2013

From Wall Street to the streets: Taxi driver’s journey from high-flying banker …

Daily Mail
He worked as a trader before trading Wall Street for the streets of New York, earning his living as a cab driver. More than a decade ago Jack Alvo, 49, was working a $250,000-a-year job in wealth management for Morgan Stanley on the 73rd floor of the…


December 12, 2012

Taxi Operators Sue NYC Over Making Nissan Official Cab

New York City taxi fleet operators sued the city over rules that make a Nissan Motor Co. (7201) vehicle the city’s official cab. The plaintiffs, who include the Committee for Taxi Safety and Taxifleet Management LLC, said the city and other defendants …


December 4, 2012

Click A Taxi announces $1.5 million funding and German launch

Another startup joining the rapidly expanding market for car-sharing and taxi ordering apps is Danish Click A Taxi, which last Thursday announced $1.5 million in angel funding from serial entrepreneur Tommy Ahlers. Coinciding with the …